How Will the New U.S. Tax Laws Affect Business Aviation?

In this video blog, Guardian Jet’s VP of Sales Doc Dwyer explains how the new U.S. tax laws will impact business aviation in 2018.

You can watch the 2:46 video or read the transcript below.

Hi, I’m Doc Dwyer.

Today I’m going to talk about the new U.S. tax law, and how it’ll affect business aviation.

Overall, we see a very positive impact on the industry . . . in no small part due to the first major change: 100 percent bonus depreciation.

Bonus depreciation will now be available on both new and used aircraft. This replaces the five-year MACRS depreciation schedule that were used to.

We’ve seen bonus depreciation for new aircraft, but we’ve never seen it for used aircraft. This is a very important distinction because the second major change is the elimination of 1031 like-kind exchanges for aircraft.

We can no longer tie two transactions–a buy and sell–together with a like-kind exchange.

Income tax will now be due on the sale of the difference between the tax basis and the sales price.

This, however, will be mitigated by the bonus depreciation, and the fact you can get a full deduction in year one.

So, in essence, you’ll have the same net effect as a 1031 like-kind exchange as long as both transactions are done in the same year.

You’ll even get the benefit of a 100 percent bonus depreciation.

So, we expect the focus to shift from doing both transactions in a 180-day window to doing both transactions in the same year.

A couple other benefits we see in the tax bill:

  • Most individuals and LLC’s will see a drop in tax rates by approximately 2.5 percent.
  • Tax rates for large corporations will drop to 21 percent, plus the state tax rate.
  • There’s no effect on sales tax trading credits. (Trading credits will still be available in states that allow it.)
  • A couple caveats to the 100 percent bonus depreciation:
    • Part 135 usage – Use the 7-year MACRS for that portion.
    • Part 91 usage – If the business usage is less than 50 percent, it’s not eligible for that bonus depreciation and you’ll use the 7-year MACRS schedule instead.

Overall, like we said, this is very positive news for the aviation industry. If you have any questions or would like to talk about it in more detail, please don’t hesitate to call us at +1-203-453-0800 or email us here. Thank you very much.


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What is Asset Management and Fleet Planning?

Guardian Jet’s Doc Dwyer answers the question, “What is Asset Management and Fleet Planning?”

At Guardian Jet, we think of asset management as ongoing fleet planning.

So, what’s a fleet plan?

A fleet plan can be anything from a high-net-worth individual who’s looking at charter, fractional or maybe a wholly owning aircraft—all the way through a large corporate operator trying to figure out what next iteration of airplane looks like.

Fleet Planning in Three Lenses

Every fleet plan we look at through three lenses: Operational, Financial and Strategic.

  1. Operational lens:
    The first lens looks at your historical travel data — your corporate fleet and how you’ve been using it. We also look at charter, fractional and airline data. We’re going to look at it in some ways that you look at it already, but we’re going to look at it in some of our own ways that we’ve found very helpful over the years. We’re using all of this information to really define the mission and utilization of your fleet.
  2. Financial lens:
    The second lens tries to project the cost of those different fleet options over the next 5 to 10 years. Typically, at Guardian Jet, we use 10-year cash flows. But what we really want to do is use your financial parameters to model the future costs of the aircraft.
  3. Strategic:
    The third lens is typically done through executive interviews. These interviews are future-looking, trying to figure out what this flight department is going to look like 5 to 7 years down the road. The operational and financial piece gives us the historical information to project, but the corporate lens, they really have an idea of what they want the flight department to look like in 5 to 7 years, and we want to be sure we’re accounting for that in our fleet plan.


Fleet Plan Reviews and Renewal

At the top, I told you that asset management is really ongoing fleet management. So, when is it that we renew or review a fleet plan?

There’s two types of review: a calendar or an opportunistic type of review.

The first review, calendar review, is fairly simple. We’re going to want to look every quarter to get an idea of where we’re at, and at least once a year, we’re going to really dig in and review that fleet.

An opportunistic is driven internally—with either a corporate leadership change, a merger—anything that’s really going to change the mission of your fleet.

Or, externally, a demonstrator or a white tail that really becomes available that really can save you significantly save you over the next few years. Or, perhaps a pre-owned trade opportunity in an aircraft we know you’re looking for.

Each of these reviews can result in one of four things.

  1. Completely change the plan. Maybe the merger has changed your mission so we need to change the plan to accommodate that.
  2. Accelerate the plan—to pull the plan forward and act more quickly.
  3. Stay the same—status quo. What we’ve planned for still looks good.
  4. Decelerate the plan—or to slow it down/drag it out because we think that’s the best for your company going forward.

The reason we’re so passionate about asset management is that we’ve proven that it works.

At Guardian Jet, our customers that have used asset management to trade opportunistically have saved millions of dollars over the life of their aircraft.

To learn more about, please feel free to contact us. We love talking about it and we’d love to hear from you.



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Hard-to-Find, US-based Embraer Legacy 600 (S/N 145678)

Guardian Jet LLC is pleased to represent the sale of this hard-to-find, 13-passenger Embraer Legacy 600, one of the very few Legacy 600 aircraft based and registered in the U.S.

Built in 2004, and with a total flight time of 3,942 hours and 2,317 landings, this former Embraer Legacy “demo” is a beautiful, solidly constructed aircraft.

It will be available for tours at the upcoming NBAA Regional event held at Palm Beach International (PBI) airport on January 26th, 2018.

The prices is $5,995,000 million.

Embarer Legacy 600 sn145678 Guardian Jet LLC part 135 aircraft for sale


It is one of, if not the, only Legacy 600 aircraft older than 10 years to remain on the Enhanced EEC Program.

The Enhanced program is very inclusive in that it covers parts and labor for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. This amazing program expires in December 2019, so it will cover the next 96 month inspection items that are due in 2019.

Currently, this Legacy 600 is maintained and operated as a FAR Part 135 chartered aircraft, so it’s completely prepared for charter service.

It is also a terrific airplane for travelers looking to use it part-time, and to lower their operating costs by chartering it.

Some of this aircraft’s other notable features include:

  • Long-range, 3,250 nautical miles, capability
  • GoGo Biz air-to-ground internet and Wi-Fi
  • XM Radio
  • Engines enrolled in Rolls Royce Corporate Care
  • Avionics on Honeywell HAPP


EmbarerLegacy 600 sn145678 Guardian Jet forward facing aft 2


For background, the Legacy 600 was introduced in 2000 to compete as a “Super Midsize” aircraft.

Based on the ERJ 135 model, it accommodates up to 13 passengers in three partitioned sections for 3,050 nautical miles (5,650 km) or up to eight passengers for 3,450 nautical miles (6,390 km).

It features added range owing to extra fuel tanks in the tail behind the baggage compartment and forward of the wing, winglets and an extensive drag reduction program.

 EmbarerLegacy 600 sn145678 Guardian Jet forward facing aft 2INTERIOR HIGHLIGHTS

The beautiful cabin offers some superb features, and is configured as follows:

  • Forward Entry: Left-hand crew closet and right-hand large galley
  • Forward Cabin: Four-place club configuration consisting of two forward and two aft facing single reclining seats with leg rests and lumbar adjustments.
  • Mid Cabin: Right-hand, four-place conference group opposite a large credenza.
  • Aft Cabin: Right-hand, three-place divan opposite a two-place club seat arrangement.
  • Aft Lavatory: Large lavatory with solid-surface countertop and 110VAC GFI outlets.

  EmbarerLegacy 600 sn145678 Guardian Jet galley

The aft gallery features include:

  • Hi-Temp Oven
  • TIA Microwave
  • Coffee Maker
  • Chilled Food Storage
  • Insulated Stainless Steel Ice Drawer
  • Generous Storage Space

 EmbarerLegacy 600 sn145678 Guardian Jet maintenance


Some of the maintenance features of the S/N 145678 include:

  • Engines on Rolls Royce Corporate Care
  • Embraer Executive Care Enhanced Parts Program, which includes labor and APU coverage
  •  Maintenance tracked by FlightDocs

EmbarerLegacy 600 sn145678 Guardian Jet communications


The outstanding communications and entertainment components of this aircraft include:

  • GoGo Biz air-to-ground (ATG) internet access (Wi-Fi)
  • Dual Honeywell DVD players
  • Baker VHS player
  • Bulkhead monitors (forward and aft)
  • Multiple 110 VAC outlets


The flight deck offers the following, among other features:

  • 5-Tube Honeywell EFIs/EICAS 8×7 Color Displays
  • Honeywell Dual ICs/Flight Director/Single Autopilot
  • Dual Honeywell Communications System (8.33 kHz)
  • Dual Honeywell Navigation System (NAV/ADF/DME)
  • Honeywell 2nd Transponder & Airborne Audio System
  • Dual Honeywell FMS/GPS
  • Dual Honeywell IRS
  • Dual Honeywell Radio Management Unit
  • Honeywell Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Collins TCAS 2000
  • Honeywell Single Aural Warning Unit
  • Dual Digital Clocks
  • Dual ADCs (RVSM upgradable)
  • Honeywell CVR/FDR
  • EGPWS/Windshear Detection and Escape Guidance
  • Integrated Standby Instruments
  • Weather Radar with Dual Control Panel & Turbulence Det.
  • Single HF Radio & Single Radio Altimeter
  • Central Maintenance Computer
  • CAT I and II Autopilot/Flight Director
  • AFDAU (Sfim) – Auxiliary Flight Data Acquisition Unit
  • JAA Provisions & Filament Test
  • Dual Stall Protection Systems


The jet’s exterior is painted with an overall white base with emerald green and gold color stripes.



For more details of this remarkable aircraft, please view the Legacy 600 listing. Also, come see this aircraft at PBI in Florida on January 26th.

In the meantime, please call your Guardian Jet representative or our main office at +1-203-453-0800.

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The CJI Interview – Don Dwyer, Guardian Jet

During NBAA17 in Las Vegas, Alud Davies of Corporate Jet Investor interviewed Don Dywer, Managing Partner at Guardian Jet, about the state of the pre-owned aircraft market.

Watch the full CJI Interview video on YouTube or read the transcript below:

The market’s hot. The market is very, very active.

There’s a lot of buyers and sellers. Every good airplane that we have, that comes on the market, seems to sell very, very quickly.

Clearly the U.S. market is the hottest—although we’re starting to see signs that it’s picking up in Asia. And then Europe’s recovering. It’s got to.

The “Trump Bump” has lasted. I’s hard to say why, but corporate profits are very good here. The markets are an all-time high.

We’re feeling like people are generally optimistic, so the buyers that we’re talking to are interested in upgrading.

It’s not a question of, “hey, I need to get out of my airplane and the market’s gone, the world’s going to heck.” It’s really that buyers are looking to upgrade.

We’re seeing a huge influx of first-time buyers.

It might be because the value of their new airplane is somewhere not that much more than maybe the quarter [fractional] share.

They were buying [jet time] before, so there’s this huge influx of new and young buyers, which is exciting to us because we’re a generational business.

It’s a good market right now and we think it feels like it’s going to last for a while.

The expectations of sellers and buyers, I think, are getting closer together.

Certainly, if you go buy a car or TV today—and I’ve been saying this since 2009—you want to get a great deal. If you buy a house, you want to get a great deal.

So yeah, that the expectation of the buyer is he’s getting a great deal.

But there’s also this realism on the part of the seller.

Our sellers are usually going to something different. And when they’re upgrading, they’re profiting more from what they’re upgrading to than what they’re what they’re selling. We’re not struggling with expectations of buyers and sellers.

I’ve heard people say that deals are getting harder and harder to do, and I’m not seeing that.

I think that people are now moving quickly, I think they’re the best airplanes are not lasting long on the market.

If you’ve got an airplane that’s in an exotic location, that’s been smoked in, with damage history, then yeah, it’s hard to sell.

Or your expectation on pricing isn’t real.

But, when a good airplane comes on the market and 40 days later, we’ve got a buyer and it’s going in to pre-buy, then you’ve squeezed that expectation between the buyer and the seller.

I don’t think the deal is harder so you know when we talk to first-time buyers.

We have been saying that we don’t like to dive into the deep-end. We like to walk into the shallow end.

So when we’re advising first-time buyers, we tend to look at trying not to buy the most airplane or the biggest airplane they can get for whatever their budget.

We focus more on the operating costs and how they’re really going to use the airplane. With this influx of first-time buyers, they’re about how they’ve used airplanes in the past. But we want to be careful. It’s very attractive right now to buy a lot of airplane for whatever price value you’re at.

We want to be careful about the long-term ongoing expenses, and the things that will surprise you.

For example, if you spend $4 million on an airplane and then you get a $1M C-check surprise, that’s a big, big number.

We tend to tend to want to help them understand what their real risk and owning an airplane is.

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Guardian Jet Welcomes Meghan Carlson & Patrick Lynch as Marketing Specialists

GUILFORD, Conn. – October 23, 2017 – Marketing specialists Meghan Carlson and Patrick Lynch are the newest team members to join Guardian Jet LLC, the Guilford, Connecticut-based business aviation consulting and brokerage firm. In their positions, Carlson and Lynch will support the sales, acquisition and consulting teams by conducting market research, assisting with fleet planning and lending their expertise to a variety of other consulting projects.

“Meghan and Patrick are excellent additions to team Guardian Jet and fit in well with our ‘do whatever it takes’ culture,” said Michael Mikolay, Executive Vice President, Guardian Jet. “In addition to building relationships with our clients and other aircraft brokers, Meg and Pat will help ensure that our service offerings, such as ‘The Vault 2.0,’ are updated and available 24/7.”

Prior to joining Guardian Jet, Carlson was general manager of an award-winning restaurant in Branford, Connecticut. In that role, she ensured positive guest experiences in all areas of the business, including customer satisfaction and retention. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management from the University of Delaware, in Newark, Delaware. She is training to become a private pilot.

Previously, Lynch served as a Client Associate at Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc., where he performed a variety of duties in behalf of the firm’s high-net-worth clients. Prior to that, at Deloitte and Touche LLP, he was a consultant and analyst working on some of that company’s high-profile identity theft, money laundering and fraud cases. Lynch earned a BS in Accounting at Fairfield University’s Dolan School of Business, in Fairfield, Connecticut.

About Guardian Jet
Founded in 2002, Guardian Jet, LLC, offers business aviation brokerage, consulting and oversight services for thousands of clients worldwide. The company distinguishes itself with its focus on integrity and industry expertise, and by consistently providing business value to clients. Guardian Jet’s core mission has always been to earn the right to buy and sell aircraft on behalf of its clientele by providing great consulting advice, market intelligence and flawless execution.

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An Exceptional 2012 Bombardier Challenger 605 (S/N 5908)

Guardian Jet is pleased to represent the sale of this beautiful, exceedingly well-maintained 9-passenger Bombardier Challenger 605.

Offered at $13,500,000, its sole owner has been a Fortune 500 company that maintained it as a FAR Part 91 aircraft.

With the Proline 21 Advance upgrade, this aircraft is already compliant for the future navigation regulations. It also complies with FANS 1/A, CPDLC and ADS-B Out—so you won’t need to upgrade the flight deck!

Challenger 605 SN 5908 exterior daytime


For background, the Challenger 605 was introduced in early 2006 as an avionics and structural upgrade to the 604 design.

Fashioned after its predecessor, the Challenger 604 (which, incidentally was the “best-selling model in the heavy-iron category”), the Challenger 605 maintains all the superlative design features of the 604, while adding freedom, innovation and some solid performance capabilities.

With a combination of club, divan and individual seating, the Challenger 605 typically carries 10-12 passengers. Cabin measurements are 6.1 feet tall, more than 7 feet wide and 28.3 feet long, a length almost necessary for long-duration flights.

This particular aircraft has completely restyled to reflect its customers’ every desire.

Some of the upgrades include larger and higher-positioned windows which make for ideal viewing pleasure; and it boasts an improved Ethernet-based management system, larger video monitors, an upgraded galley area, sturdier worktables and more LED lighting.

Overall, the CL-605’s cabin offers its passengers more in nearly every respect.

Bombardier Challenger 605 SN 5908 four-place club-best

ABOUT S/N 5098

This particular aircraft’s interior was completed in December, 2012, at Bombardier in Montreal, Canada.

Generally, here are the jet’s features:

  • ProLine 21 advanced upgrade
  • Engines and APU Enrolled on JSSI
  • Airframe enrolled on Smart Parts
  • Bombardier factory warranties active
  • XM graphical weather
  • ATG-5000 and Collins’ SwiftBroadband with Wi-Fi
  • Cockpit jumpseat for a third crewmember
  • No known damage history

Challenger 605 SN 5908 divan and two place club


The spacious interior includes some very high-quality features, and the cabin is configured as follows:

  • Forward Entry: Left-hand crew closet, right-hand large galley with convection oven, microwave, coffeemaker, chilled food storage and generous storage space.
  • Forward Cabin: Four place club configuration consisting of two forward and two aft facing single reclining seats.
  • Aft Cabin: Left-hand two place club with a right-hand three place divan.
  • Aft Lavatory: Large lavatory with granite countertop and cabin/lavatory call system.
  • The galley offers an oven, microwave, chilled food storage, coffee maker, generous storage space, insulated stainless-steel ice drawer and right-hand pocket door.
  • In the aft of the aircraft, you’ll find a large lavatory with granite countertop and a cabin call system.
  • LED lighting throughout the cabin.

Challenger 605 SN 5908 engine and maintenance


  • Recent 100/400/800/2400-hour and 6-month maintenance inspections
  • 6/12/24/48-month inspections performed in January, 2017
  • High level of service bulletin compliance
  • Always operated as FAR Part 91
  • Maintenance tracked by FlightDocs
  • Engines and APU enrolled on JSSI

Challenger 605 SN 5908 communications and monitors


  • Rockwell Collins high-definition Cabin Electronics System
  • Collins Moving Map Airshow System
  • 22-inch high-definition LCD video monitors on the forward and aft bulkheads
  • ATG-5000 High Speed Data System
  • Rockwell Collins 2200B SwiftBroadband
  • Cabin Wi-Fi
  • Rockwell Collins ICG Flight Phone System
  • Two cordless handsets in the cabin, and one wired cockpit handset


Challenger 605 SN 5908 cockpit


  • Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 Advanced Avionics System
  • Dual Collins Air Data Computers-850E
  • Four Collins AFD-5220 Adaptive Flight Displays
  • L3 FA-2100 SS Cockpit Voice Recorder
  • Triple VHF-4000 Transceivers
  • Dual Collins Control Display Units-6200
  • Collins DBU-5000 Data Loader
  • Dual Collins Distance Measuring Equipment-4000 Receiver
  • Artex Emergency Locator Transmitter C406-N (with navigation interface)
  • L3 FA-2100 SS Flight Data Recorder
  • Four Collins Flight Control Computer-4006 Computers
  • Dual Collins Flight Management System-6200 Computers
  • Dual Collins Global Positioning System-4000S Receivers
  • Dual Collins High-Frequency-9031A Transceiver with SELCAL
  • Triple Honeywell Lase Ref V Inertial Reference System
  • Collins Moving Map-6000 Computer
  • Dual Collins Navigation 4000 Receivers (Integrated VOR/ILS/MKR/ADF)
  • Collins Radio Altimetere-4000 Transceiver
  • Honeywell Terrain Awareness and Warning – Mark V EGPWS
  • Dual Collins Transponders-94D Mode S
  • Collins Traffic Collision Alert Avoidance TR-4000 (TCAS II Change 7.1)
  • Collins Weather Radar RTA-854 (with lightning detection)
  • Weather Receiver-1000

The jet’s exterior is painted in a Matterhorn white base with medium grey, dark grey and black stripes.



As evidenced from its extensive list of features and qualifications, the 2012 Bombardier Challenger 605 S/N 5908 represents a remarkable opportunity to own a great, meticulously maintained jet aircraft ideal for long-range flights.

Click here to view the SN 5908 listing and see more images.

To speak with a member of our team, please call your Guardian Jet representative or our main office at +1-203-453-0800.

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Guardian Jet’s Doc Dwyer Elected to NARA’s Board of Directors

Doc Dwyer, VP of Aircraft Sales, Guardian Jet LLCGUILFORD, Conn. – October 19, 2017 – Guardian Jet LLC, the business aviation consulting and aircraft brokerage firm, today announced that its Vice President of Sales, Doc Dwyer, has been elected to the Board of Directors of the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA).

At NARA’s annual member meeting in Las Vegas on October 9, the association introduced its new 2017-18 slate of officers, including Brian Proctor, Chairman; Chad Anderson, Treasurer; and Doc Dwyer, Secretary. Elected officers are selected from among the body of NARA Certified Aircraft Brokers/Dealers, which includes Connecticut-based Guardian Jet, LLC, a member since 2015.

“I’m honored to be considered among some of the most respected names in the brokerage business,” said Dwyer, of his election. “NARA plays an increasingly important role in our industry, and is there to help aircraft brokerage firms like Guardian Jet ensure their operational integrity. They do that by holding them to a strict NARA-enforced code of ethics and ensuring that they pass a rigorous certification process. I greatly look forward to working with the NARA board and its 102 members to help raise the bar even further when it comes to the standards we’re held to.”

About NARA
Formed more than 25 years ago, NARA is a professional trade association comprised of selected aircraft sales and brokerage businesses that are NARA-Certified, and aircraft product/services companies that adhere to the highest professional standards. NARA’s members abide by an elite, 14-point code of ethics that provides standards of business conduct regarding aircraft transactions.

About Doc Dwyer
Based in Connecticut, Dwyer is focused on growing Guardian Jet’s presence throughout the U.S., and is responsible for overseeing its team of sales professionals. Prior to joining Guardian Jet in 2009, Doc worked as a flight instructor for Monarch Air in Addison, Texas.

As a 1,000-hour pilot—with CFI, CFII, and Multi-Engine Commercial ratings—Dwyer brings his vast knowledge of both aviation and business to Guardian Jet’s clientele. He earned a degree in Economics from the University of Colorado, in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to being a NARA member, he is a member of the National Business Aviation Association and Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

For more information about NARA, its members and its code of ethics, visit To learn more about Guardian Jet, call +1-203-453-0800 or visit

About Guardian Jet
Founded in 2002, Guardian Jet, LLC, offers business aviation brokerage, consulting and oversight services for hundreds of clients worldwide. The company distinguishes itself with its focus on integrity and industry expertise, and by consistently providing business value to clients. Guardian Jet’s core mission has always been to earn the right to buy and sell aircraft on behalf of its clientele by providing them with great consulting advice, market intelligence and flawless execution.

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Guardian Jet Turns 15, Launches Vault 2.0 to Help Save Aircraft Owners Millions

Vault 2.0, a cloud-based aircraft asset management and brokerage technology, will help corporate jet owners and high-net-worth individuals select, trade, own and operate the right model of aircraft to best fit their transportation needs

GUILFORD, Conn. – October 9, 2017 – With the launch of its next-generation online asset management/brokerage software solution called Vault 2.0, Guardian Jet, the 15-year-old business aviation consulting and aircraft brokerage firm, wants to revolutionize the way airplanes are bought and sold.

The goal of Vault 2.0 is to provide real-time aircraft information and even more transparency in the unregulated brokerage industry. This new platform will help Guardian Jet clients save millions of dollars during the lifecycle of their aircraft and while executing aircraft transactions, according to the firm’s managing partners, Mike and Don Dwyer.

The Vault 2.0 is being hailed as a revolutionary approach to airplane asset management and brokerage services. Described as a software “supertool,” the next-generation web-based portal program is designed to help Guardian Jet’s clients—including corporate jet owners and high-net-worth individuals—select, trade, own and operate the right model(s) of aircraft to best fit their transportation needs.

“The first generation of ‘The Vault’ was developed in 2012 as a means to radically alter the aircraft consulting and brokerage industry,” said Mike Dwyer. With a similar goal, the launch of the Vault 2.0 will build on the power and efficacy of the original Vault program to help aircraft owners easily and intuitively manage their aircraft like portfolio assets. “This new iteration is essentially asset management on steroids,” he added.

Among so many other benefits, the Vault 2.0 will enable the firm’s clientele to evaluate their current aircraft, research replacement model markets, plan for its continued operation, assess the optimal replacement timing and execute trades.

“With the wealth of knowledge and analytics it delivers to our clients, this web-based software will hopefully save them millions of dollars,” explained Mike Dwyer. “It will not only help aircraft operators do their jobs better, but it will also enable principals or aircraft owners to make more informed business decisions.”

A full version of the cloud-based software is available to existing Guardian Jet clientele. Demonstrations of the Vault 2.0 will take place at NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, October 10-12 in Las Vegas. In stand SD24 at the Henderson Executive Airport, Guardian Jet will host an aircraft static display, along with an air-conditioned chalet with multiple touch-screen monitors in three demonstration areas. This gives clients and prospective clients the ability to test-drive the Vault 2.0.

“Our globally dispersed clients require a higher level of sophistication from us in an ever-increasing technical world,” said Don Dwyer, Managing Partner. “The Vault 2.0 is the perfect answer to address their needs, as it’s a single point of access for alignment among the principal, the flight department and their service providers.”

Guardian Jet will also be displaying the following aircraft for sale at its static exhibit:

  • Gulfstream GIV-SP, serial number 1301
  • Gulfstream GV, serial number 550
  • Falcon 50EX, serial number 251
  • Falcon 2000, serial number 69

To view a demonstration of the Vault 2.0 at #NBAA17, or to schedule a tour of one or more aircraft for sale, visit Guardian Jet’s stand (SD24) or call +1-203-453-0800 for more information.

About Guardian Jet

Founded in 2002, Guardian Jet, LLC, offers business aviation brokerage, consulting and oversight services for hundreds of clients worldwide. The company distinguishes itself with its focus on integrity and industry expertise, and by consistently providing business value to clients. Guardian Jet’s core mission has always been to earn the right to buy and sell aircraft on behalf of its clientele by providing them with great consulting advice, market intelligence and flawless execution. For more information, visit


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Vault 2.0: Asset Management/Brokerage Platform to Save Aircraft Owners Millions

Guardian Jet Vault 2.0 Online Asset Management and Aircraft Brokerage ServicesGuardian Jet’s newly released “Vault 2.0” next-generation asset management/brokerage platform is about to revolutionize the way aircraft owners effectively manage their equipment assets.

It will do so by putting a wealth of fully transparent, real-time information, data and other input at our brokerage clients’ fingertips.


The new Vault 2.0 portal is a bona fide “supertool” that is already helping them save millions.

You might be wondering: “Really? Millions?”

If it sounds too good to be true, below, we’re sharing some real-life case studies culled from our clients’ experiences to help convince you.

But first let’s take a look at what, specifically, the Vault 2.0 portal is designed to accomplish, what it consists of, and, lastly, how it can be harnessed to help optimize aircraft asset management and brokerage services.


“Vault 2.0.”

As stated, Guardian Jet’s revolutionary new “Vault 2.0” is a next-generation asset management/brokerage portal designed for our brokerage clients.

Simply put, the new program advancement:

  • Provides crucial knowledge and transparency around high-dollar airplane transactions—two things that are out of whack in the unregulated world of aircraft brokerage services.


  • Delivers the best actionable analytics and insights for more informed decisions—those that are both tactical and strategic that will save clients millions of dollars, with better-timed and executed aircraft trades.


  • Offers real-time, 24/7 online access to asset management and brokerage information, including every financial document and detail regarding clients’ airplanes make and model—simultaneous with those that are received at Guardian Jet. Armed with this information, clients can better understand and optimize aircraft values and the markets for 126 aircraft models, along with replacement options.


Vault 2.0 accomplishes its objectives in 10 important and straightforward ways:

1. Enables access to critical aircraft asset and life-cycle cost metrics to include fleet option calculations that compare to clients’ existing solution.

2. Offers real-time access to current asset value.

3. Provides ability to filter replacement aircraft options and compare model capabilities based on mission and business requirements.

4. Delivers needed information readily, 24/7, with just an internet connection.

5. Provides continuous reviews driven by calendar and opportunity.

6. Offers actionable, simple strategies and tactics driven by clients’ business rules.

7. Provides a confident offense and solid defense regarding whatever market and internal conditions dictate.

8. Helps aircraft owners execute completely transparent trades when the plan calls for it.

9. Invites aircraft owners to partner with the leading fleet solution provider in the world, period.

10/ Helps owners evaluate how to pay for the aircraft asset via cash, finance or lease.


Stock Management Comparison

Next, to show you how we’re using Vault 2.0 to save our clients millions, we can illustrate how the program operates by comparing it with the world of investing.

A great analogy for the process comes from Ben Graham, the father of value investing and an inspirational figure for Warren Buffet.

Graham is the author of two widely acclaimed books, Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis.

In them, he identifies two types of investors:

Enterprising Investors – To be an enterprising investor requires a serious commitment of time and energy, which pays dividends by eventually yielding an anticipated return.

Defensive Investors – A defensive investor represents a more passive approach. Working under this label, you must devise a strategy of regularly analyzing funds that protect against risk (or even employ an agent who is an enterprising investor).


Adopting either approach will enable you to invest and manage your aircraft assets in much the same way that a shareholder manages his or her stock portfolio.

You can do so by using a simple, value-oriented, business-like strategy that incorporates a margin of safety and takes advantage of market volatility.

Understanding what kind of investor you are going to be will let you generate the highest return possible given your circumstances.

And by adopting either an enterprising or defensive strategy will differentiate you from an investor and a speculator.

This is not to say that managing a stock portfolio and managing your aircraft assets are one in the same. In fact, when regarded within the investment framework, airplanes share very few characteristics with equity investments.

It is possible, however, by measuring and analyzing critical aircraft asset and life cycle cost metrics, to execute strategies that are consistent with value investing, and that reap similar rewards.

After all, the desired outcome is the same in either scenario: to generate the highest return on your aircraft (or stock) portfolio, one that meets or exceeds your aircraft travel requirements and service expectations.


Case Study Summaries

As promised, for evidence of Vault 2.0’s efficacy, following are a few select case study summaries that highlight the process and its value.

  • As a defensive strategy, an ultra-lone range and helicopter operator engaged an asset management plan, initially to trim a six-aircraft fleet to four. The asset plan not only highlighted which two aircraft to sell, but it also pointed out savings of just under $60 million, if all six aircraft were replaced with new ones in 2010. As a result, the entire fleet of six were swapped, turning a defensive strategy into a decidedly offensive one.


  • A light jet operator wanted to upgrade, but market conditions didn’t meet his expectation of $1 million in cash and his airplane. He engaged in asset management and tracked what then were current aircraft and replacement options until, 18 months later, we found a workable fit for him. (A neutral strategy.)


  • An international large-cabin operator wanted to improve their replacement strategy 25- to 30-year-old aircraft. The goal was to replace in shorter ownership intervals, have zero capital competition among their fellow business units and eliminate residual value risk at the end of the ownership period. He engaged in asset management and employed leasing (a defensive strategy).


  • An operator with a large-cabin fleet sought to “missionize,” and match his fleet to existing and future international and domestic missions. The solution was a mix of ultra-long range and super-midsize aircraft, which saved millions in capital and direct operating costs. Executed three years after an asset management engagement, it was characterized as an offensive strategy. 


  • Three partners, each with a 150-hour fractional share, wanted to have their own airplanes. Solution was to remain in a fractional environment until each partner had enough demand individually to warrant purchasing three aircraft, (a neutral strategy).


Register for a demo . . . today!

Now that you’ve been introduced to the game-changing power of Guardian Jet’s new “Vault 2.0., it’s time to take the next logical step.

To see how this remarkable new portal-based program can specifically help you save money and increase your asset management and brokerage efficiencies, you can:

  • Ask you Guardian Jet sales representative to schedule a live demonstration.
  • Register for a vault subscription at
  • Visit Guardian Jet at NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (SD24), Oct. 10-12.
  • Call +1 203-453-0800 to schedule a video demonstration.


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Elegantly Appointed Gulfstream GIV-SP, S/N 1301

Guardian Jet is teaming up with Hatt & Associates to represent the seller of this meticulously maintained, 11-passenger Gulfstream GIV-SP (serial number 1301).

Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 exterior night


Being offered at $4,750,000, this 1996 GIV-SP has an excellent pedigree, having been first owned by a Fortune 100 company.

It has since been exceedingly well-maintained and equipped by its second owner, a private individual.

The interior was partially refurbished in 2014, adding new carpet, fabric and counter tops. Fresh 24/48 month inspections will provide the new owner with a turnkey aircraft, ready to “buy and fly.”

There’s no history of any damage to the aircraft throughout. 


Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 interior refurbished


As many might be aware, the original, GIV version of this aircraft started production in 1986.

In 1992, it was upgraded to the GIV-SP version. The GIV-SP is outfitted with the same engine as the GIV, but it has slightly more range (4,000 nm for the GIV vs 4,137nm for the SP).

Gulfstream also upgraded the avionics and added additional “payload” (the part of the aircraft’s load from which revenue is derived, i.e., passengers and cargo).

Notably, in addition, the SN 301 offers:

  • Fresh 24/48 month inspections
  • TCAS II Change 7.1
  • Engines on Rolls Royce Corporate Care
  • APU on MSP Gold
  • Enrollment on BriteParts, HAPP & MPP
  • ATG-5000 with Swift Broadband
  • Repainted in July, 2010 at Gulfstream Appleton


The SN 301 boasts a spacious, beautifully appointed floor plan which features:

  • A 2-place club opposite a 3-place divan in the forward cabin
  • A right-side conference group facing a large credenza in the center cabin
  • 2 single chairs at individual work stations in the aft area (with pop-up monitors)


Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 interior workstations with popup monitors


A fully appointed aft galley and lavatory complete the interior.

Also notable, the aircraft received a partial refurbishment in 2014, which replaced carpet, fabric and counter tops.

Features in the aft galley include:

  • Wemac cooling unit
  • Nordskog Industries high-temp oven
  • Aerolux espresso machine
  • Tia coffee maker
  • Microwave
  • 2 ice drawers


Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 aft galley


The aft lavatory offers a vanity water switch mode to prevent water flow when the lav door is open.

There is also storage in the aft lavatory for galley items (e.g., wine bottles, third cooler unit and third ice drawer, among others).


Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 aft lavatory


In addition to the maintenance features and benefits listed above, this GIV-SP offers:

  • Gulfstream CMP maintenance tracking
  • ASC 320: Max Landing Gross Weight 58,500 lbs. c/w September, 1997
  • ASC 465A: APU 36-150 (G_ Installation c/w March 2010)
  • ASC 480: TCAS 7.1 Installation c/w July 2014
  • ASC 481A: ADS-B Out c/w July 2015 (Note:  ASC 477A & 502: ADS-B Out Installation required for 2020 compliance
  • ASC 501B: Gust Lock Throttle Lock c/w August 2017
  • Engines on Rolls Royce Corporate Care


Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 jet engine and maintenance specifications


  • GoGo Biz internet and voice (ATG-5000 and Aircell Axxess II wifi router)
  • Airshow Genesys 400 system
  • Two 19″ bulkhead monitors and one 19-in. credenza monitor
  • Magnastar C-2000 with 4 handsets (1 wireless)
  • Dual DVD Player by Rockwell Collins
  • Auxiliary A/V Input Panel interfaces to the existing CMS to enable connection of auxiliary audio & video sources
  • Four 15” Rosen Slim-Line monitors (located on forward bulkhead, above the credenza and one at each aft work station)
  • Triple Collins VHF-422D w/8.33 Spacing
  • HD-710 high-speed data terminal
  • EMS Aviation CNS-200 wireless router (provides access to Swift broadband services, 2 channels of Swift 64 mobile ISDN services as well as existing Aero H/H+ voice communications simultaneously)
  • EMS Aviation CNS-200 network accelerator interfaces with the Honeywell HD-710 HSDT & ATG-5000 and functions both as a network router & switch.
  • Facsimile / Copier / Scanner by Brother


Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 communications

Among the outstanding communications capabilities:

  • RVSM-capable
  • Enhanced vision system
  • FM immunity
  • CAT II approaches
  • 33 kHz channel spacing for comms
  • BRNAV/PRNAV-capable
  • RNP-5-capable
  • Heads-up display


Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 cockpit - flight deck


  • BF Goodrich GH-3000 electronic standby instrumentation system
  • 5” LCD Sharp monitor mounted on the control wheel (removable) when used displays weather info from airshow system
  • Securaplane 450 security system
  • Cockpit (crew) jump seat
  • Precise Flight Pulselite
  • Davtron Clocks (pilot & co-pilot)


As you can clearly see from its extensive list of features and qualifications, the Gulfstream GIV-SP SN 1301 represents a remarkable opportunity to own a meticulously maintained jet aircraft. Click here to view the SN 1301 listing and see more images.

In addition to this model, we’re also offering this Gulfstream GIVSP SN 1209. It’s a 1992 model being offered for $3.095 million.


To speak with a member of our team regarding either GIV-SP aircraft, please call your Guardian Jet representative or our main office at +1-203-453-0800.





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