Bench Strength: Why Experience Matters

At Guardian Jet, one of our key differentiators is what we like to think of as our bench strength. We have 26 employees and only six of those are out in the field, getting new business.

The other 20 are helping those six really make sure their customers have a flawless transaction and experience with Guardian Jet.

In those 26 employees, we have:

  • 15 aircraft type ratings
  • 9 graduate business degrees
  • 3 Certified Public Accountants
  • Research staff
  • Director of technical services
  • Director of maintenance


So when we go do your aircraft transaction, that whole team is working with you. So you’re not just hiring one broker, you’re hiring a team of 26 people who will really help you have the best experience possible.

We think it’s critical to have a team of players — from operations and technical support to marketing and sales — who can take the reins in any situation, in order to ensure continuity and effectiveness.

Thanks to our experienced, cross-functional team, we can adapt quickly to changing customer and/or market needs.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” ~ Charles Darwin


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For Sale: Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy, Serial No. 125



Are you in the market for an outstanding Falcon 900EX EASy? If so, you’ll be impressed with serial number 125. Offered at $13,250,000, this jet will be available for pre-buy in early December 2018.


Highlights of the Falcon 900EX EASy

With just one Fortune 100 owner since delivery in 2004, this 900EX EASy is immaculate.

The executive interior features a forward-cabin, four-club-chair arrangement, with two foldout executive tables. In the mid cabin is a four-person conference area with adjustable-height, folding conference table opposite a cabin credenza. The aft cabin has a single forward-facing club chair adjacent to a three-place divan.


aft divan


Other amenities include a forward galley, storage, closet and entertainment areas, aft closet, aft passenger lavatory with electric flushing toilet and a jump seat in the cockpit (certified for takeoff and landing).

This aircraft’s current interior was refurbished at West Star Aviation in Grand Junction, Colorado, in August of 2016.

 Falcon 900EX EASy interior


Features include:

  • FANS 1/A & ADS-B Out Version 2
  • Engines and APU enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold
  • Avionics enrolled on HAPP
  • Ovation Select Media Interface Unit (Video On-Demand)
  • Swift Broadband
  • Auto throttles
  • HUD
  • Total time: 7199.3 hours (as of May 9, 2018)
  • Total landings: 2796
  • Honeywell TFE731-60 engines

avionics - Falcon 900EX EASy



Features and highlights of the Falcon 900EX’s avionics suite include:

  • AIR DATA COMPUTER: Honeywell AZ-200 Air Data Modules
  • AUTOTHROTTLES: Honeywell EASy System
  • COCKPIT PRINTER: Miltope TP-4840
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Triple Honeywell TR-866B
  • DIGITAL CLOCK: Dual Davtron Digital Clocks
  • GLOBAL POSITIONING: Dual Honeywell GPS-90X
  • HEADS UP DISPLAY: Flight Dynamics HGS-4860
  • HIGH FREQUENCY RADIO: Dual Collins HF-9000
  • NAVIGATION: Dual Honeywell NV-875A
  • RADIO ALTIMETER: Dual Honeywell AA-300 Radio Altimeters
  • TRANSPONDER: Dual Honeywell XS-857A Transponders with ADS-B(Out)
  • WEATHER RADAR: Honeywell Primus 880 Weather Radar



Maintenance & Inspections

As to the 900EX EASy’s maintenance status, following are a few of the highlights:

  • In Service Date: December 31, 2005
  • Airframe maintained per Chapter 5
  • Engines maintained per Time & Calendar Inspection Program
  • Engines and APU on Honeywell MSP Gold
  • Avionics enrolled on HAPP

A C-Check inspection was last completed in August, 2016, and a gear overhaul in June, 2016.

Entertainment System

The aircraft’s entertainment system is top-rated, and includes the following highlights:

  • Ovation Select System (video on-demand) with touchscreen control in the auxiliary galley
  • Dual CD/DVD players
  • Six plug-in monitor receptacles and four 7-inch Rosen plug-in monitors
  • 20-inch LCD forward L/H and R/H bulkhead monitors

communications Falcon 900EX EASy


The aircraft’s many communication/information system features include:

  • Honeywell MCS 7147 Swift Broadband
  • Satcom AeroH+ Aviator 700D satellite phone system
  • Four wired handsets

lavatorygalley kitchen Falcon 900EX EASy


For more information

To schedule a private showing of this Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy aircraft, please email us or call Guardian Jet at +1-203-453-0800. You may view more images and details on our website, or download a PDF of the aircraft specifications sheet.

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Three Things You Need When Choosing an Aircraft Broker

In this short video, Guardian Jet’s Mike Dwyer explains the three things you need to pick the right broker.

Watch the video above or read the transcript:

Following are the three reasons to hire or to pick your broker:

One is trust. This is an aircraft; it is a very specialized, technical, expensive product that probably the buyer and seller don’t have a lot of expertise in (like their core business). So you just have to trust the person… he has to be trustworthy him and his firm.

Second is competence. Of course, you want to make sure that the person trading for you has a lot of experience in the category and class of asset. (It never hurts to have a little gray hair in your temples).

So if you take as a given that you trust a competent broker, the next thing you want to look at very closely is their resources.  This is very much a dynamic market business and information business so you want to make sure that you have that information in it very distilled into a very understandable format. It’s no mystery that we work for the smartest people on the planet, giving them the right information to make a great confident decision. The asset management goes a little deeper. Now that’s the life-cycle of the airplane. Buying it, operating it, disposing of it and also looking at the next replacement. In fact, that’s where we call it an ongoing asset management process. It’s kind of the key to what we do at Guardian jet.



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PRESS RELEASE: Robert Garrymore Joins Guardian Jet Executive Team

Robert Garrymore - Bobby GGUILFORD, Conn. – September 26, 2018 –Guardian Jet (, the Guilford, Connecticut-based business aviation consulting and brokerage firm, is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Garrymore to Vice President-South Central. A highly regarded business and general aviation veteran, Garrymore, in his new position, is leading Guardian Jet aircraft sales in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico.

In his role, Garrymore is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with Guardian Jet’s brokerage and consulting clients at the senior-most levels of corporate flight departments and family offices. He also manages vendor relationships and alliances to expand the company’s client base.

Mike Dwyer, Managing Partner of Guardian Jet, is delighted that Garrymore has joined the company. “Bobby G. is a great boost for Guardian Jet!” he said. “He brings us industry leadership at the highest level, and his experience with both corporate flight departments and high-net-worth customers is second to none. The other reason we’re so fortunate to have Bobby is his talent as a builder of great cultures. He certainly shares our DNA of putting the client first.”

Previously, Garrymore served as President of the Corporate Sales division for Wheels Up. Prior to that, he was President of Executive Jet Management (EJM), a subsidiary of NetJets (a Berkshire Hathaway Company). In addition to his executive role at EJM, Garrymore served in a variety of positions during 15 years at NetJets, including roles in management, sales and operations.

Speaking about his new job, Garrymore said, “I feel privileged and honored to be among such smart, dynamic, dedicated and caring people as I am here at Guardian Jet. It says a lot that in spite of the incredible pressure that comes with the growth and success Guardian Jet has achieved, the company and its employees remain committed to a ‘client-centric’ mission that sets them apart from other companies. I’m eager and excited to help in any way I can to continue this company’s leadership and momentum in the industry.”

In addition to his extensive aviation industry background, Garrymore holds a BA degree from Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania. He is a commercially rated pilot and former certified flight instructor.


About Guardian Jet

Founded in 2002, Guardian Jet, LLC, offers business aviation brokerage, consulting and oversight services for thousands of clients worldwide. The company distinguishes itself with its focus on integrity and industry expertise, and by consistently providing business value to clients. Guardian Jet’s core mission has always been to earn the right to buy and sell aircraft on behalf of its clientele by providing great consulting advice, market intelligence and flawless execution. For more information, visit


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How do I know when I’m ready to buy a jet?

It happens to be a great question.

After all, knowing whether or not you’re mentally ready to make that move is half the battle.

The other half is purely financial. Then it’s all about the numbers.


Is Aircraft Ownership Right for You?

With the foregoing in mind, when is someone ready to buy a private jet outright?

At Guardian Jet, we tell prospective airplane owners that it usually makes the most sense when they’re flying between 150-300 hours a year on a fractional or chartered jet.

At that level of flying, owning an aircraft outright is actually much more affordable on a cost per hour than fractional and charter travel.

There are many benefits of owning a private jet. Chief among them:

  • Very low variable cost
  • High residual value
  • Personalized crew selection
  • High levels of customer service
  • Customization of crew and maintenance

One particular benefit of charter is that you only pay for what you use. But, at high levels of usage, you might need more than one vendor to accomplish your goal. That’s because with charter flying (compared to whole ownership) there’s often less control over charter aircraft availability and service delivery.

And with fractional, there are numerous benefits, such has availability and red-carpet customer service. However, if you’re a frequent flier, it can be very costly. One reason fractional travel can be expensive is because of the one-way pricing on all trips, meaning that there are no “deadheads” or repositioning fees. Plus, the high usage causes greater depreciation loss for the owners.


Which Jet is Right for You?

In the past, a light jet was the entry point into whole ownership, but now we’re seeing that super-midsize and midsize aircraft—such as Challenger 300s and Gulfstream G200s—are more popular for first-time jet owners.

Why? It’s primarily due to pre-owned pricing.

To get a feel for current pricing and availability, you can view our current aircraft inventory online.


Are You Ready?

It’s a good question that only you can answer.

But to help you make that important decision, our consulting team is ready to help you do a deep dive into the operational costs.

Rather quickly, we can show you the pros and cons of operating your own aircraft—and whether it makes sense to have your own flight department or start out with an aircraft management company.

It’s definitely worth your while to consult with us at Guardian Jet to help you decide whether—and when—it makes sense to purchase a jet.

Call us today at 1-203-453-0800 so we can discuss your specific needs.


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How to Monetize Your Aircraft Maintenance

In this brief video, Guardian Jet’s Managing Partner Mike Dwyer explains how to monetize your aircraft maintenance over the ownership lifecycle.

 At Guardian Jet, we look at monetizing maintenance and understanding the cost of ownership and the cost of the maintenance as relative to the cost of the airplane.

In a brand-new airplane that costs $50 million in warranty, it’s very insignificant. It becomes very significant in an older aircraft that’s worth $2-5 million. There’s tremendous value in the airframe, but you could have $1-2 million in the next 3-5 years of maintenance that’s coming due. So that’s when we really want to understand it the best.

Certainly, engine programs or self-insuring on the engine overhaul will be the biggest component. But regulatory compliance, future upgrades, and enhancements to the airplane become extremely important when trying to understand how to monetize the maintenance and put that into the lifecycle cost.

If you looked at over a 15-year period, the first 5 years of maintenance would be very flat. The next five years would start to have a relatively shallow incline. And then from 8-15 years, it starts to get “lumpy.” Sorry, that’s not a very sophisticated term, but it’s exactly what happens.

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FOR SALE: 2015 Gulfstream G280 – Serial No. 2074

Gulfstream G280 serial number 2074 - Guardian Jet - exterior dusk


Guardian Jet is pleased to represent for sale this beautiful Gulfstream G280 (serial number 2074). Accommodating up to nine passengers, this impeccably maintained, one-owner aircraft is based in Texas.


Gulfstream G280 -Guardian Jet interior 2


It offers, among many other features, Head-up Display, an Enhanced Vision System and a Synthetic Vision System. Also, the engines and Auxiliary Power Unit are enrolled in a Honeywell Maintenance Service Plan.

The G280 sleeps up to five passengers, has a max operating speed of 0.85 (Mach), a takeoff weight of 39,600 lbs. and a maximum cruise altitude of 45,000 feet.

With an asking price of $17,995,000, this exceptional aircraft represents one of the best values available in the jet marketplace today.


Gulfstream G280 serial number 2074 - Guardian Jet - interior



Since its release in 2012, the Gulfstream G280 is has established itself as the super-midsize class leader in performance and economy. For one thing, the G280 boasts a newly designed long, sleek wing and high-thrust engines that increased range and speed. Yet its fuel economy is so well maximized that the aircraft offers best-in-class fuel efficiency.

Engineered along the lines of the Gulfstream G550, the G280 is one of the most versatile aircraft flying today. The wing needs no leading-edge devices to aid low-speed maneuverability. Instead, subtle contours along a highly swept, smooth wing reduce drag and enhance lift.

Once airborne, the G280 can stay there longer than any aircraft in its class, flying eight hours nonstop at Mach 0.80. It’s capable of taking off in New York and reaching Milan or Lima, Peru. Or, from London, it can connect with Dubai or Montreal, Canada.

Other highlights of the G280 include its PlaneView280 flight deck, which incorporates state-of-the-art flight and navigation systems, while its auto-throttle and auto-braking features set new standards for aircraft control and handling.

With its release, the Gulfstream G280 performed so powerfully and aerodynamically that it essentially redefined the performance and capabilities of super-midsize business aircraft.

Gulfstream G280 -Guardian Jet galley



The Gulfstream G280’s beautiful nine-passenger cabin features a four-club seat configuration with two-fold-out tables in the forward cabin. The aft cabin features a three-place divan across from two club seats with a fold-out table. In addition, the aircraft has a forward galley, aft lavatory and a jump seat in the cockpit.

The forward galley offers, among other features, a coffee maker and microwave oven.

 Gulfstream G280 -Guardian Jet interior - LED lighting



  • 115VAC 60Hz Electrical Outlets
  • LED Cabin Lighting

 Gulfstream G280 -Guardian Jet interior engine



The following are among the Gulfstream G280 S/N 2074’s maintenance highlights:

  • Chapter 5 Maintenance Program
  • Maintenance Tracking by Gulfstream Computerized Maintenance Program (CMP)
  • Engines and APU enrolled on Honeywell MSP
  • 12-month and 36-month inspections scheduled for September 2018


Gulfstream G280 serial number 2074 - Guardian Jet - flight deck - avionics



The jet’s avionics highlights include the following, among other features:

  • AIR DATA COMPUTER: Dual Rockwell Collins ADC-3010 Air Data Computers
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Triple Rockwell Collins VHF-400 VHF Transceivers
  • DISTANCE MEASURING EQUIPMENT: Dual Rockwell Collins DME-4000 Distance Measuring Equipment
  • GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM: Dual Rockwell Collins GPS-4000S Global Positioning System
  • GRAPHICAL WEATHER: XM Satellite Weather
  • HEADS UP DISPLAY: Rockwell Collins HCA-1500 HUD System
  • HIGH FREQUENCY COMMUNICATION: Dual Rockwell Collins HF-9031A HF Transceivers
  • INERTIAL REFERENCE SYSTEM: Dual Honeywell Laseref VI Micro Inertial Reference Unit
  • NAVIGATION: Rockwell Collins NAV-4000 and NAV-4500 VOR/ILS/ADF/MB Navigation Receiver
  • RADAR: Rockwell Collins RTA-4118 Weather Radar
  • RADIO ALTIMETER: Single Rockwell Collins ALT-4000 Radio Altimeter
  • SYNTHETIC VISION SYSTEM: Rockwell Collins SVM-6110 Synthetic Vision System
  • TERRAIN AWARENESS WARNING SYSTEM: Rockwell Collins Integrated TAWS System
  • TRANSPONDER: Rockwell Collins Transponder with ADS-B Out



The aircraft’s array of communications and entertainment features include the following:


Gulfstream G280 -Guardian Jet communications



  • Aircell ATG 5000 (Go-Go Biz) High-Speed Internet Broadband System
  • Aircell Axxess II Iridium satellite phone system with three handsets (one is wired in both the cockpit and cabin, and one is wireless)

 Gulfstream G280 -Guardian Jet entertainment



  • Gulfstream Cabin Management System
  • Forward Cabin 19” High-definition (HD) Monitor
  • Aft Cabin 19” HD Monitor
  • 7” Galley Touchscreen
  • Blu-Ray Player
  • Aerial View Tail Camera


Gulfstream G280 -Guardian Jet lavatory



Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to own this beautifully maintained aircraft.

For more information about the Gulfstream G280, please call Guardian Jet at 1-203-453-0800, contact us online, and/or download the aircraft specifications brochure.


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Guardian Jet Welcomes Mike McCafferty as Vice President, Northeast

mike mccaffertyGUILFORD, Conn. – July 6, 2018 – Mike McCafferty was recently named Vice President, Northeast for Guardian Jet, the Guilford, Connecticut-based business aviation consulting and brokerage firm. In his new position, McCafferty will lead the effort to continue its strong presence in the northeastern region.

“Mike McCafferty adds yet another dimension to our team,” said Mike Dwyer, Managing Partner of Guardian Jet. “He’s an expert at gauging the tempo and the level of interaction necessary to communicate effectively with busy principals. And the proof is in the results. In the short time since he’s been on board, Mike’s already secured several new Guardian accounts. Coming out of the gate quickly is one of the hallmarks of a seasoned professional.”

Prior to joining Guardian Jet, McCafferty enjoyed a successful 10-year career with the Ohio-based fractional jet provider Flexjet. As the Regional Sales Director at Flexjet, he was responsible for sales development in the New York City area, marketing and promoting a variety of services, including the Flexjet card program, fractional membership and aircraft leasing solutions. He also managed key strategic accounts among the firm’s Fortune 500 and high-net-worth clients.

Previously, McCafferty had an 18-year sales career in the equipment leasing industry, the majority of which was at GE Capital, headquartered in Connecticut. With his extensive background in aviation and finance, Mike has served his clients well throughout his career.

McCafferty attended the US Air Force Academy in Colorado before earning his degree in Mathematics from Boston College, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Speaking about his new job, McCafferty said, “My experience in the fractional arena involved working with clients entering private aviation for the first time, as well as those considering a move into whole aircraft ownership. It was a very consultative role, which made my move to Guardian Jet a logical extension of that experience. Guardian is known as the preeminent advisory firm in this space, with decades of expertise and industry-leading tools for managing aviation assets. I look forward to putting those tools to work on behalf of our clients.”

About Guardian Jet

Founded in 2002, Guardian Jet, LLC, offers business aviation brokerage, consulting and oversight services for thousands of clients worldwide. The company distinguishes itself with its focus on integrity and industry expertise, and by consistently providing business value to clients. Guardian Jet’s core mission has always been to earn the right to buy and sell aircraft on behalf of its clientele by providing great consulting advice, market intelligence and flawless execution.


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Wheels Up Visits Guardian Jet

Guardian Jet’s Don Dwyer welcomes two executives from the membership-based private aviation company, Wheels Up: Henry Schachar and Sean McGeough.

Hear why some fractional and charter customers are moving toward whole aircraft ownership, and why it might make good business sense to supplement it with a jet membership card or fractional program.


Read the edited transcript:

Hi, I’m Don Dwyer from Guardian Jet. Today we’re going to introduce a new series of videos, and it’s “Visiting Guardian Jet.”

At Guardian Jet, we get a lot of great visitors, a lot of industry leaders. We get friends that are in different businesses that come here.

We thought we’d capture their thoughts on the brokerage business, on the businesses they’re in, and feed it to you, our customers, and see if you find it interesting.

Today we have we have some people in from Wheels Up, and I’m really excited about it.

We’ve found this year that there’s a lot of first-time buyers. I think when people got introduced to aviation, in my generation, they kind of got introduced via a Beechcraft Bonanza or a Cessna 421. And they moved up through bigger airplanes into jets and then into bigger jets. That was sort of a normal path.

But, in today’s environment, first-time owners are being introduced to aviation through Flexjet, NetJets, Wheels Up—all the different programs that are out there.

And they’re being introduced at a much higher level.

If you think about getting into an old 421 versus getting into a brand-new King Air 350 with Wheels Up, it’s a very different experience.

So, these buyers, when come to buy their first airplane, they’re bringing different expectations.

I’ve also thought that even though the fractional business is almost 50 years old (it’s a long time ago that Richard Santulli started doing this), I thought there would be waves of people coming out of fractional and buying their whole ownership.

But that never really felt that happened and I can’t really quantify it. Now, over the last couple of years, we’ve seen buyers come out from the fractional programs and buying their own airplane and put it in a management company, maybe charter it, maybe not.

It might have something to do with the values of the used airplanes being so low that it competes more with what they pay for a whole fraction. But, whatever reason we’re seeing first-time owners come out and they’re sort of expecting a great experience.

It’s so prevalent that every one of the big nationally branded operators—Wheels Up, Flexjet, NetJets—have programs to keep you in the program after buying a whole airplane. Or, if they don’t have them, they’re contemplating a program.


Welcome Wheels Up

So today we’re really honored to have Henry Schachar and Sean McGeough visit us from Wheels Up. I’ll talk to Henry first.

Henry is one of the the quieter, “big” players in the aviation industry. He was there at the beginning with Kenny Dichter at Marquis, and is a board member of Wheels Up. He’s very active behind the scenes and, while not everybody at the lower levels know Henry, believe me he’s a big deal in our business.

Henry, you started with Marquis and you now your Wheels Up. Tell me, how’s it going it Wheels Up right now?


Henry Schachar: It’s going great. It’s been an exciting four years. The company’s just four years old. We’ve started slowly, obviously, like anybody starts a business, and it’s really taken off. We have a little bit of a different model than most of the fractional programs because we are a membership model.

So instead of having to buy the asset, you basically just join the club for the membership dues ($17,500 to start, $8,500 a year to renew). Then you buy as many hours (or as few hours) as you want. We have different systems where you can either pay as you go, or you can buy them in blocks—sort of like a stored value card for private aviation.


Don Dwyer: You’re running shuttles now. I mean there’s a lot of different ways to access private aviation­…


Henry Schachar: We wanted to be on the cusp of private aviation. And, you said before in your introduction, people have high expectations today. And the expectation levels go from not just the service, but the way that you provide the service.

We have shuttles. We have member-generated flights, so that one member can say I’m going here to there, would anybody want to join me?

At the same time, we’ve got a couple of other new highlights that we’re doing, and we continually try to modify—and basically surprise and delight our members.

We’ve gotten over 4,000 members in the last four years. We’ll probably end this year at 5,000 members. We now have 85 planes in our fleet. By the end of the year, we’ll have 100. Right now, we have 69 King Airs, we have 15 Excels, and we just started to take Citation X’s. We’re starting to move up into the bigger aircraft types.


Don Dwyer: So, 5,000 owners…one of the things that we’ve been thinking about is whole ownership. For some of those 5,000 may want to may want to own an airplane.

With that, I’d like to bring in Sean McGeough…

For those of you don’t know, Sean and I worked together for a long time at Hawker Beechcraft. He’s an old friend and Sean’s now the executive vice president for Wheels Up in sales. Sean you’re in the New York area, which is great for us because you’re nearby, so we get to see you.  What is the difference between selling a Wheels Up membership and a whole airplane? Tell me about the buyer.


Sean McGeough: For a little over a month now, I’ve been carrying a bag (that’s what us sales guys love to do) and after the first 30 to 35 days, it’s really no different than a whole airplane sale.

It’s really justifying that value proposition, and making the prospective buyers see it, and value it. So whether they’re in at $17.5, as Henry said, or it’s a $120M dollar supersonic, at the end of the day whether you’re a billionaire or someone worth $5-10M, the value proposition has to be there.


Don Dwyer: So, the value proposition. One of the things that you and I have talked about quite a bit is what do people look like they’re going to buy a whole airplane? What are they looking for? They still want to stay your program, but if they buy a whole airplane. Tell me your thoughts. Are there people that will want to own a whole airplane? What’s the advantage to them?


Sean McGeough: You know, I take my experience from when I was over in Europe, working with you, and working with Brad at the Hawker days. You had guys that were buying the Marquis Jet cards. They were starting buying a quarter share. Next thing, they were buying a whole Hawker. So, I see the new opportunity at Wheels Up is really a blended solution. You have a guy that may own a Flexjet card, he may also own a Global, but he may have a Wheels Up to supplement his trip let’s say, for example, from Albany down to Teterboro. Why do it in the Global, when he can probably do it quicker in the 350?


Don Dwyer: The thing I just took away from that is the value proposition. It’s something that we’re looking at here for our customers. Does it make sense for them to buy a whole airplane through some of these new vehicles that are out there. Well, there’s going to be more on that in the coming months and really understanding what’s happening in the marketplace.

I thought you’d be interested in meeting some friends of ours. We’re very excited to have Sean and Henry here with us for the day.

You know where to find us at I’m Don Dwyer, thank you very much.

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Dassault Jet for Sale: Falcon 900B Serial No. 98

Dassault Falcon 900B SN 98 Guardian Jet aircraft for sale - exterior night

Companies or private individuals seeking an outstanding aircraft to begin or add to their fleet should give serious consideration to this well-maintained 1992 Falcon 900B, serial number 98.

Offered at $3,550,000, the owner of this aircraft is extremely motivated to sell.


Dassault Falcon 900B SN 98 Guardian Jet aircraft for sale - interior


Highlights of 900B Serial Number 98

The Falcon 900B is a member of Dassault’s Falcon business jet line. Following are a few of the featured highlights of serial number 98:

  • Honeywell N1 digital electronic engine controls (DEECs)
  • Equipped with Aircell air-to-ground (ATG) 5000
  • Engines and APU enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold
  • Cabin LED lighting
  • ADS-B Out scheduled for July 2018


avionics - flight deck Falcon 900B


Features and highlights of its avionics include:

  • AIR DATA COMPUTER: Dual Honeywell AZ-810 Air Data Computers
  • AUTOPILOT / FLIGHT DIRECTOR: Honeywell FZ-800 Autopiliot
  • COCKPIT VOICE RECORDER: Fairchild Cockpit Voice Recorder
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Triple Collins VHF-22C Transceivers with 8.33 Spacing and FM Immunity
  • DATA LOADER: Honeywell DL-950 USB Data Loader
  • FLIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Dual Honeywell NZ-2000 FMS (Global GNS-X 3rd FMS – Not Coupled)
  • HIGH FREQUENCY COMMUNICATION: Dual Honeywell KTR-953 High Frequency Radios
  • INERTIAL REFERENCE SYSTEM: Triple Honeywell Inertial Reference Systems
  • NAVIGATION: Dual Collins VIR-32 Navigation Receivers
  • RADAR: Honeywell WU-880 Weather Radar with dual controllers
  • RADIO ALTIMETER: Dual Honeywell RT-300 Radio Altimeters
  • SELCAL: Terra Jetcall Selcal Unit
  • TRANSPONDER: Dual Honeywell MST-67A Transponders


Falcon 900B engine

Maintenance & Inspections

As to the 900B’s maintenance status, following are a few of the highlights:

  • Maintenance Tracking by AvTrak
  • Engines and APU enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold
  • Landing Gear overhauled during 2C inspection
  • ADS-B to be installed by Duncan Aviation in July 2018 at the 24-Month Inspection


Falcon 900B interior

Take a Look Inside

The aircraft has a 13-passenger interior with a forward, four-place, club-seating area, as well as a four-place conference group. In the mid-cabin, it has a two-person divan (forward divan seat certified for occupancy during takeoff or landing). The aft cabin features a forward-facing seat, three-place divan and a lavatory.

Duncan Aviation refurbished the seats and interior soft goods in 2009 and replaced the carpet in 2014.

The aircraft is also equipped with a forward galley that offers ample storage, along with an oven, microwave oven and coffee maker.


Falcon 900B EntertainmentEntertainment System

The aircraft’s entertainment system is top-rated, and includes the following highlights:

  • Rockwell Collins Airshow 400
  • Forward Cabin 15” Monitor
  • Aft Cabin 17” Monitor
  • Two 7” Portable Rosen Monitors
  • Rosen DVD Player
  • CD Changer

Falcon 900B Communications


The aircraft’s communication/information system includes: 

  • Aircell ATG 5000 (Go-Go Biz) High Speed Internet Broadband System
  • Aircell ST-3100 Iridium satellite phone system with a handset in both the cockpit and cabin


Dassault Falcon 900B Serial Number 98 - Guardian Jet


The jet’s exterior was repainted in 2014 by Duncan Aviation in overall Matterhorn White with blue stripes.

For more information

To schedule a private showing of this Dassault 900B aircraft, please email us or call Guardian Jet at +1-203-453-0800. You may view more images and details on our website, or download a PDF of the aircraft specifications sheet.

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