Three Things You Need When Choosing an Aircraft Broker

In this short video, Guardian Jet’s Mike Dwyer explains the three things you need to pick the right broker.

Watch the video above or read the transcript:

Following are the three reasons to hire or to pick your broker:

One is trust. This is an aircraft; it is a very specialized, technical, expensive product that probably the buyer and seller don’t have a lot of expertise in (like their core business). So you just have to trust the person… he has to be trustworthy him and his firm.

Second is competence. Of course, you want to make sure that the person trading for you has a lot of experience in the category and class of asset. (It never hurts to have a little gray hair in your temples).

So if you take as a given that you trust a competent broker, the next thing you want to look at very closely is their resources. ┬áThis is very much a dynamic market business and information business so you want to make sure that you have that information in it very distilled into a very understandable format. It’s no mystery that we work for the smartest people on the planet, giving them the right information to make a great confident decision. The asset management goes a little deeper. Now that’s the life-cycle of the airplane. Buying it, operating it, disposing of it and also looking at the next replacement. In fact, that’s where we call it an ongoing asset management process. It’s kind of the key to what we do at Guardian jet.



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