Elegantly Appointed Gulfstream GIV-SP, S/N 1301

Guardian Jet is teaming up with Hatt & Associates to represent the seller of this meticulously maintained, 11-passenger Gulfstream GIV-SP (serial number 1301).

Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 exterior night


Being offered at $4,750,000, this 1996 GIV-SP has an excellent pedigree, having been first owned by a Fortune 100 company.

It has since been exceedingly well-maintained and equipped by its second owner, a private individual.

The interior was partially refurbished in 2014, adding new carpet, fabric and counter tops. Fresh 24/48 month inspections will provide the new owner with a turnkey aircraft, ready to “buy and fly.”

There’s no history of any damage to the aircraft throughout. 


Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 interior refurbished


As many might be aware, the original, GIV version of this aircraft started production in 1986.

In 1992, it was upgraded to the GIV-SP version. The GIV-SP is outfitted with the same engine as the GIV, but it has slightly more range (4,000 nm for the GIV vs 4,137nm for the SP).

Gulfstream also upgraded the avionics and added additional “payload” (the part of the aircraft’s load from which revenue is derived, i.e., passengers and cargo).

Notably, in addition, the SN 301 offers:

  • Fresh 24/48 month inspections
  • TCAS II Change 7.1
  • Engines on Rolls Royce Corporate Care
  • APU on MSP Gold
  • Enrollment on BriteParts, HAPP & MPP
  • ATG-5000 with Swift Broadband
  • Repainted in July, 2010 at Gulfstream Appleton


The SN 301 boasts a spacious, beautifully appointed floor plan which features:

  • A 2-place club opposite a 3-place divan in the forward cabin
  • A right-side conference group facing a large credenza in the center cabin
  • 2 single chairs at individual work stations in the aft area (with pop-up monitors)


Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 interior workstations with popup monitors


A fully appointed aft galley and lavatory complete the interior.

Also notable, the aircraft received a partial refurbishment in 2014, which replaced carpet, fabric and counter tops.

Features in the aft galley include:

  • Wemac cooling unit
  • Nordskog Industries high-temp oven
  • Aerolux espresso machine
  • Tia coffee maker
  • Microwave
  • 2 ice drawers


Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 aft galley


The aft lavatory offers a vanity water switch mode to prevent water flow when the lav door is open.

There is also storage in the aft lavatory for galley items (e.g., wine bottles, third cooler unit and third ice drawer, among others).


Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 aft lavatory


In addition to the maintenance features and benefits listed above, this GIV-SP offers:

  • Gulfstream CMP maintenance tracking
  • ASC 320: Max Landing Gross Weight 58,500 lbs. c/w September, 1997
  • ASC 465A: APU 36-150 (G_ Installation c/w March 2010)
  • ASC 480: TCAS 7.1 Installation c/w July 2014
  • ASC 481A: ADS-B Out c/w July 2015 (Note:  ASC 477A & 502: ADS-B Out Installation required for 2020 compliance
  • ASC 501B: Gust Lock Throttle Lock c/w August 2017
  • Engines on Rolls Royce Corporate Care


Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 jet engine and maintenance specifications


  • GoGo Biz internet and voice (ATG-5000 and Aircell Axxess II wifi router)
  • Airshow Genesys 400 system
  • Two 19″ bulkhead monitors and one 19-in. credenza monitor
  • Magnastar C-2000 with 4 handsets (1 wireless)
  • Dual DVD Player by Rockwell Collins
  • Auxiliary A/V Input Panel interfaces to the existing CMS to enable connection of auxiliary audio & video sources
  • Four 15” Rosen Slim-Line monitors (located on forward bulkhead, above the credenza and one at each aft work station)
  • Triple Collins VHF-422D w/8.33 Spacing
  • HD-710 high-speed data terminal
  • EMS Aviation CNS-200 wireless router (provides access to Swift broadband services, 2 channels of Swift 64 mobile ISDN services as well as existing Aero H/H+ voice communications simultaneously)
  • EMS Aviation CNS-200 network accelerator interfaces with the Honeywell HD-710 HSDT & ATG-5000 and functions both as a network router & switch.
  • Facsimile / Copier / Scanner by Brother


Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 communications

Among the outstanding communications capabilities:

  • RVSM-capable
  • Enhanced vision system
  • FM immunity
  • CAT II approaches
  • 33 kHz channel spacing for comms
  • BRNAV/PRNAV-capable
  • RNP-5-capable
  • Heads-up display


Gulfstream GIV-SP sn 1301 cockpit - flight deck


  • BF Goodrich GH-3000 electronic standby instrumentation system
  • 5” LCD Sharp monitor mounted on the control wheel (removable) when used displays weather info from airshow system
  • Securaplane 450 security system
  • Cockpit (crew) jump seat
  • Precise Flight Pulselite
  • Davtron Clocks (pilot & co-pilot)


As you can clearly see from its extensive list of features and qualifications, the Gulfstream GIV-SP SN 1301 represents a remarkable opportunity to own a meticulously maintained jet aircraft. Click here to view the SN 1301 listing and see more images.

In addition to this model, we’re also offering this Gulfstream GIVSP SN 1209. It’s a 1992 model being offered for $3.095 million.


To speak with a member of our team regarding either GIV-SP aircraft, please call your Guardian Jet representative or our main office at +1-203-453-0800.





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