Guardian Jet Hires First Director of Maintenance, Roy Gioconda

Roy Gioconda Director of Maintenance Guardian Jet

We’re excited to announce our newest member of the Guardian Jet family.

Welcome Roy Gioconda, our first-ever Director of Maintenance.

And he’s already off to a tremendous start.

This week he attended the NBAA Maintenance conference and met with more than 20 maintenance organizations.

His goals were to understand how each of these maintenance providers can help us provide better technical capabilities and customer service to the sophisticated customers who buy and sell airplanes with Guardian Jet.

So, just what will Roy do as our Director of Maintenance?

Firstly, he’ll help support Guardian Jet’s sales, acquisition and consulting team by providing sound technical advice, aviation research and key insights.

At our core, we think of Guardian Jet as a research company. Therefore, Roy’s ability to provide key technical research is a big win for us.

It also helps that he worked for CAMP Systems International—which is the maintenance tracking software used by nearly all of our clients. During his 7-year tenure at CAMP, Roy’s roles ranged from Field Service Representative to Manager of Field Services to General Manager of Customer Support.

Secondly, Roy will play a critical, client-facing role for Guardian Jet by overseeing the myriad technical aspects of aircraft transactions for the firm’s clients. That means he’ll be onsite during inspections, and help our clients understand how the maintenance pedigree of an airplane affects its value.

“Roy will touch all of the things that pilots care about (from the airframe to avionics) as well the things in back that passengers care about (Wi-Fi connectivity and entertainment systems),” said Mike Dwyer, our Managing Partner.

Everyone here in Guilford—as well as our remote staff—is grateful to have Roy’s 35+ years of aviation industry experience on our team.

His aircraft maintenance is broad and far-reaching—from Part 121 (commercial aviation) and Part 135 (charter), to Part 91 (general aviation) and Part 145 (maintenance repair) environments.

Plus, he’s a recognized authority in aircraft maintenance, inspection, quality assurance and quality control.

“It’s amazing how many people know and respect Roy as I travel around the globe,” said Don Dwyer, Managing Partner.

Far and away, what impresses us most about Roy—beyond his technical capabilities and industry reputation—is his demeanor.

“He relates extremely well to people, and when there are conflicts (which there always are), Roy will resolve them by understanding the issues,” Mike Dwyer said. “I know he’ll always put our clients’ needs first and do so in a very pleasant, confident, professional fashion.”

Roy began his career as an aircraft mechanic at American Airlines, where he spent 19 years in aviation maintenance roles. He has also worked for FlightWorks, Jet Logistics and Flight Options.

He graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and holds an Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Please welcome Roy to the team!


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