GoGo Biz Data Plan Changes

Aircell has recently sent out a customer letter to current subscribers detailing changes coming to the network and announcing new monthly service plans.  The new service plans will take effect on July 16, 2014.

Gogo Biz Unlimited No More

The biggest change is the announcement that Gogo Biz Unlimited will no longer be available.  Any aircraft on an active Unlimited data plan as of July 15 will have the opportunity to keep the Unlimited plan through December 15, 2016.  The current monthly rate of $2,295 will increase to $2,395.  Aircell has promised that rate will not increase by more than $100/month per year.

New Gogo Biz Data Plans and Pricing

Below is a chart Aircell provided with the new plans and pricing.  Aircell’s Multi-Aircraft Discount program will now be available on all Gogo Biz plans.

Gogo Biz Data Plan

Monthly Service Fee

Data Included

Fee/Additional MB

Migration Plan for Existing Customers

Gogo Biz 60




All active Gogo Biz 40 subscribers will automatically move to this plan on July 16, 2014

Gogo Biz 250




All active Gogo Biz 100 subscribers will automatically move to this plan on July 16, 2014

Gogo Biz 2500




Gogo Biz 5000




What Does This Mean?

Aircell states the majority of existing Gogo Biz data customers will experience no increase in their monthly bill and this is probably the case.

Aircell presumably has placed the data plans at levels where the majority of their clients fall into.  The Gogo Biz 2500 plan will most likely fit the need of anyone currently on the Gogo Biz Unlimited plan.  This does mean operators will have to start tracking data usage, which previously was unnecessary.

The flat monthly fee and unlimited nature of Gogo Biz Unlimited was a primary reason for many users to jump on the Gogo Biz train and why Gogo Biz Unlimited has become as popular as it has.  It will be interesting to see the effect of this on the growth of Gogo Biz.

Despite this announcement, Gogo Biz figures to be around for a long time.  With an upcoming expansion of service into Canada and an ever-increasing network, Gogo is still a low cost domestic data option compared to its satellite-based competitors.

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