World Aircraft Sales Magazine Profiles Guardian Jet!

When we launched The VAULT late last year, we knew it would be significant to the industry.  And of course, we knew it was big news to us, but getting the word out and making sure that everyone else knew about it? Well, that’s always the challenging – yet fun – part.  Which is why when we were approached by World Aircraft Sales Magazine for a profile in their January 2013 issue, we couldn’t have been more thrilled.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it, you should definitely take the time to, as it not only focuses on how much we have grown as a company since our formation in 2002, but also our growth plans in 2013 and beyond.  It’s hard to believe it’s been eleven years since we opened our doors and landed our first listing. Since then, Guardian Jet has continued to expand in order to cater to a variety of clients’ needs. We went from our first transaction – a $2,000 consulting fee – to the 400% increase in consulting services in 2011 alone. Our staff today totals 17 people from all over the United States, each with different backgrounds and experience that makes Guardian Jet a well-rounded team.

The article calls the release of the VAULT “a new chapter in [our] continuing leadership in consulting and brokerage.”  The online platform gives complete access to all the tools in our kit, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, and reinforces one of our core values: to earn the right to buy and sell aircraft on behalf of our clientele by providing great consulting advice, market intelligence and peerless execution.


Read more about us in this month’s issue of World Aircraft Sales Magazine:

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    Grear artical

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