Citation Jet Initial Type Rating Auction

Guardian Jet had the privilege of attending an event hosted by the recently formed Massachusetts Business Aviation Association (MBAA) yesterday.  As you can guess from their name, their goal is to advocate for and on behalf of the business aviation community within the State of Massachusetts.

However, what was more interesting to learn was the groups desire to find tangible ways in which to give back to the industry as a whole through scholarship.  The event they hosted was by all counts a success and the money raised is targeted to go right back into helping others flourish within the business aviation community.

The efforts to raise money didn’t end with the conclusion of yesterday’s event.  Through the generosity of sponsor CAE Simuflite, MBAA is auctioning an initial type-rating for a Citation Jet through Ebay.  The value of the training is roughly $17,000 and here is your chance to nab a type-rating to further your career while helping a great group give back to our industry.

Here is the link to the Ebay listing.

For more information about MBAA, visiting them at

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