Matt Rosanvallon Joins Guardian Jet as Sales Director

GUILFORD, Conn. – February 7, 2018 – Guardian Jet LLC, the Guilford, Connecticut-based business aviation consulting and brokerage firm, is pleased to announce the appointment of Matt Rosanvallon as Sales Director.

Rosanvallon brings exceptional sales background and experience to his position, in which he’ll be responsible for building and maintaining the company’s presence in the New York region.

“Matt Rosanvallon’s knowledge of, and passion for, the business aviation profession runs deep, as he has family roots in the industry,” explains Doc Dwyer, Vice President of Sales, Guardian Jet.

“Combine that passion with Matt’s outstanding grasp of market evaluation and sales, and we feel that it’s a very winning combination for him and for Guardian Jet.”

Prior to joining Guardian Jet, Rosanvallon served as a commercial and real estate consultant and broker for his own self-titled consultancy. He also previously rose through the ranks at the high-end, New York-based commercial real estate firm, Coalition LLC, where he ultimately served a very successful tenure as Director of Sales & Marketing. During that time, he developed hundreds of new customers for his firm, including many Fortune 500 companies and startups.

As a dual citizen of the U.S. and France, Rosanvallon is fluent in both English and French. He graduated from Clark University in Worcester, Mass., with a BA in Business Management with a focus on Computer Science.

About Guardian Jet
Founded in 2002, Guardian Jet, LLC, offers business aviation brokerage, consulting and oversight services for thousands of clients worldwide. The company distinguishes itself with its focus on integrity and industry expertise, and by consistently providing business value to clients. Guardian Jet’s core mission has always been to earn the right to buy and sell aircraft on behalf of its clientele by providing great consulting advice, market intelligence and flawless execution.

Media Contacts:

Jill Henning, Forward Street Marketing, 1-602-502-6206

Don Dwyer, Guardian Jet, 1-203-453-0800

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FOR SALE: Pristine, Turnkey Gulfstream G200 (Serial Number 83)

Guardian Jet is pleased to represent for sale a pristine, turnkey Gulfstream G200 (serial number 83).

Accommodating up to nine passengers, this mid-range jet is a great, reliable, coast-to-coast aircraft.

Operated on a Part 91 certificate since new, this one-owner aircraft handles exceptionally well. In excellent condition, the aircraft has had a recent interior refurbishment and paint job, and is always hangered.

Available for immediate purchase, the asking price is $3.495 million.

Gulfstream G200 interior


The Gulfstream G200 is a super-midsize cabin, medium-range business jet aircraft, and is often compared to the following models: Bombardier Challenger 300; Cessna Citation Sovereign and X; Dassault Falcon 2000; Embraer Legacy 450 and 500; Gulfstream G150 and G280; and Hawker 850XP, 900XP and 4000.

With a published range of 3,400 nautical miles (6296.8 km), this G-200 will give its new owner the freedom of direct flights from, for example, Los Angeles to New York, New York to London and London to Moscow.

Maintenance programs include:

  • Engines on Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Eagle Service Plan (ESP) Gold program
  • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) on Honeywell’s Maintenance Service Plan (MSP)
  • Avionics on Rockwell Collins’ Corporate Aircraft Service Program (CASP)

The jet’s interior and exterior were both refinished in 2014 by Gulfstream. The exterior paint is Matterhorn White with Gamma Grey and DuPont Fighter accent stripes.

Gulfstream G200 interior


The aircraft’s nine-passenger executive cabin interior configuration features a four-place forward club and aft divan across from a two-place club. There is a forward galley, aft private lavatory and folding tables between each club setting.

The forward galley offers, among other features:

  • High-temp Oven
  • Food Chiller
  • Coffee Maker

Gulfstream G200 exterior model


The following are among the Gulfstream G200’s maintenance highlights:

  • Engines enrolled on ESP Gold
  • APU enrolled on MSP
  • Avionics on Collins CASP
  • Maintained per MSG-3 Inspection Program
  • Computerized Maintenance Program (CMP)
  • Maintenance Tracking Program
  • Operated per Part 91
  • Manufacture Date: June 18, 2003
  • In Service Date: November 10, 2003
  • Original Certificate of Airworthiness: November 4, 2003
  • 1A / 1C Inspection performed in 12/2016
  • 4C / 6C / 12C performed in 08/2015

Gulfstream G200 flight deck avionics


The jet’s avionics highlights include the following, among other features:

  • Collins Pro Line 4 Avionics System Version 6.1
  • Honeywell VHF Airborne Flight Information System (AFIS)
  • Dual Collins Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHC-3000)
  • Dual Collins Air Data Computers (ADC-850c)
  • Single Automatic Direction Finder Receive (ADF-462)
  • Dual Baker b1045 Audio Panels
  • Dual Collins Flight Control Computers (FCC-4005)
  • Universal Solid-state Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR-120 minutes)
  • Dual Collins VHF-422A Communications with 8.33 kHz Spacing
  • Dual Collins Distance Measuring Equipment
  • Artex C-406-2 Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Honeywell Flight Data Recorder (AR-256)
  • Dual Collins Flight Management System (FMS-6100) with dual gps-4000a
  • Dual Bendix/King KHR-950 High-frequency Receiver with Selcal
  • Dual Collins Navigation (VIR-432) computers with FM Immunity
  • Collins Radio Altimeter (ALT-4000)
  • L3 Communications Standby Attitude Indicator
  • Coltech Selcal Decoder
  • Mini GAR Quick Access Recorder
  • Dual Collins Radio Tuning Units (RTU-4420)
  • Collins Pro Line IV 5-Tube Electronic Flight Instrument System / Electronic Flight Data
  • Collins Traffic Collision and Avoidance System 4000 with Change 7.0 (TCAS II)
  • Honeywell Terrain Awareness & Warning System MARK V (Version 6.1) Computer with RAAS
  • Dual Collins Transponder (TDR-94d) Mode S with Flight ID
  • Collins RTA-858 Weather Radar with Dual WXP-4220 Control Panels

Gulfstream G200 entertainment


The aircraft’s array of communications and entertainment features include the following:


  • Air-to-Ground GoGo Biz High-speed Data
  • Aircell Wi-Fi Router
  • Iridium Aircell Two-channel Flight Phone System
  • Four Handsets


  • Collins Cabin Management System
  • Airshow Collins “Network”
  • Dual 15-in. LCD Bulkhead Monitors
  • LED Cabin Lighting

Gulfstream G200 interior 5


This aircraft’s capabilities and features are extensive, and include the following highlights:

  • Emergency Visual Assurance System (EVAS)
  • miniQAR Quick Access Recorder
  • APU Surge Valve Exhaust Muffler
  • Pratt & Whitney Engine Monitoring Data Transmission Unit



Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to own this beautifully maintained aircraft.

For more information about the Gulfstream G200, please contact us at 1-203-453-0800, email us, and/or download the aircraft specifications brochure.

Gulfstream G200 interior lavatoryGulfstream G200 for sale - interior business jetGulfstream G200 forward galley



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Business Jet Valuation, Part I: What’s my Airplane Worth?

Are you planning for an imminent (or eventual) aircraft sale?

One of the main questions you’ll be pondering is: how do you determine what your current aircraft should be priced at?

In other words, how do you effectively calculate your business jet’s value?

The best way is to carefully analyze market conditions, residual values, your past travel patterns and future requirements.

For help, a broker and business aviation consulting firm like Guardian Jet can present options that best match your aircraft appraisal needs.


Timing is Key

In fact, understanding aircraft value is at the heart of everything we do at Guardian Jet.

From analyzing and predicting residual values to pricing aircraft competitively, aircraft valuation literally touches every consulting project we engage in.

As jet brokers, we’ve demonstrated to our clients time and again that they can realize significant savings over the lifecycle of their asset.

They can do so by making incremental adjustments in the timing of their aircraft sale, and, correspondingly, the purchase of a new replacement.

You can execute this critical transition—from your previous aircraft to a new one—all the more successfully by engaging some thorough planning on the front end.

The questions that need to be answered, though, are many.

For example, what are the factors that influence jet values? And what are the best entry and exit points of your sale to consider?

 In this—the first of a two-part series addressing aircraft valuation and market analysis—we’ll delve into many of these critical considerations.

Our aim is to help you more effectively assess and assign optimal value to your aircraft.


What’s in an Aircraft Market Survey?

Surveying the market is the first, most fundamental step in effectively valuating your aircraft.

And a well-thought-out market survey delivers the current state of a particular aircraft model marketplace.

At Guardian Jet, our survey includes two primary sections. The first deals with what is for sale and the second with what has recently sold.

In the “for sale” section, aircraft are listed sequentially, oldest to newest. Each aircraft receives plusses or minuses for things such as total time, options, maintenance programs, damage history, engine overhaul status and general condition.

What’s called a “Aircraft Value Calculation” is then generated for every airplane for sale. We factor in the model’s features, base value and the premium or discount the market happens to be trading at.

But if we’re going to be able to effectively survey the market let’s first lay some groundwork—and provide some context—for valuating your aircraft.


Factors that Matter

There are numerous variables when it comes to valuing (or pricing) a private or corporate aircraft.

Valuation can be assessed differently even on serial numbers of the same aircraft type.

Some of the factors that affect pricing include:

  • Number of aircraft currently in service
  • Number of aircraft currently for sale
  • Where the aircraft for sale are located
  • Aircraft age
  • Aircraft total time
  • Engine program
  • Features (connectivity system, upgraded avionics, upgraded cabin management system, etc.)
  • OEM-designated lifecycle of the aircraft
  • Aircraft base value
  • General condition and damage history
  • Whether the aircraft’s layout is standard or custom
  • Current market behavior: Is the market selling at a premium or a discount?

Our goal is to help you generate the best aircraft market analysis and, thus, the best price for your aircraft.

So in the next installment of this two-part blog, we’ll offer some bottom-line recommendations to help you make the most of your valuation and market timing.


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Pros and Cons of an Airplane Engine Program

A question we get asked often at Guardian Jet is, “Should I enroll my airplane on an engine program?”

What our customers mean when they ask this question is, “How does an engine program affect my airplane’s resale value?”

The answer is, “It depends.” And it depends by aircraft model.

Listen to Doc Dwyer’s explanation in this 3-minute video or read the blog for details:



When we get asked the question, we consider several factors, including:

Current Market Enrollment

What is the rest of the fleet doing? If 90% of the fleet is on an engine program, it’s probably a good idea that you’re on an engine program, too.


Historical Sales

Next, we compare current market enrollment with sales in the past 6 months and 24 months.

If the current market enrollment in an aircraft model is 50%, but 75% of the aircraft that have recently sold are on a program, we can quickly see the market’s favoring aircraft on a program.


Aircraft Sales Price

We do a very similar analysis with whether an aircraft is selling at a premium or at a discount. Again, we look at the past 6- and 24-months of aircraft that are both on and off programs. Then we compare their confirmed sales price to our aircraft value calculation at the time of sale.


Days on Market

Another key metric to look at is days on the market and days to sell. Are the aircraft that are currently on the market, that are off programs, taking longer or shorter to sell?


Planned Aircraft Sell Date

When will you be selling your aircraft? Are you going to be close to an overhaul?

Selling an aircraft at or near an overhaul, without a program, is very difficult. Often times the program buy-in at that time is more than the cost of the overhaul so you don’t necessarily what to buy a program.

Thus, if you’re thinking that you’ll be selling near an overhaul, it’s a very good idea to be on an engine program.


Airplane Engine Program Discounts

Lastly, we recommend taking advantage of buy-in discounts if you’re enrolling a large fleet all at once. A special offer may enhance a program’s value.

All things equal, as a broker, I like airplanes on an engine program. Simply put, they’re easier to sell.

We often get told by our buying clients that they want an aircraft on a program. Very rarely do we have buyers come to us, saying they don’t want to buy an aircraft that’s not enrolled on a program.


Your Turn

If you have any questions, or if you’d like assistance looking at a specific market, please give us a call at +1-203-453-0800or send us a note. We’d love to talk about it further.



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For Sale: Bombardier Learjet 60 (S/N 60-153)

Guardian Jet is pleased to represent for sale a beautiful Bombardier Learjet 60 (Serial Number 60-153).

Guardian Jet Bombardier Learjet 60 exterior

Accommodating up to eight passengers, this midsize jet is a great value! It would be ideal for the first-time buyer seeking to fly privately and perhaps offset the costs by chartering.

In fact, the S/N 60-153 is already operating on a Part 135 certificate, so there’s no need to re-equip it to meet charter requirements.

As can be expected with a Learjet, this Lear 60 handles exceptionally well.

Because it features heavy wing loading, the aircraft delivers exceptionally smooth flights, even in turbulent air.

The speed-proportionate nose wheel steering system makes the jet easy to handle on the ground, and strong wheel brakes assist in landings and increased ground control.

The Learjet 60’s climb and cruise performance are exceptional. So are its operating costs, which rival similar jets of its size.

In short, it’s hard to find a longer-range or faster private jet at such a value.

 Guardian Jet Bombardier Learjet 60 interior


The Learjet 60 is a mid-size cabin, medium-range business jet aircraft that rivals the Gulfstream 150, Hawker 750, Hawker 800 and Citation Sovereign.

With a published range of 2,405 nautical miles (4,454 km), this Learjet 60 will give its new owner the freedom of direct flights from, for example, Los Angeles to New York and, Chicago to San Francisco.

With its engines on an ESP Gold program, the aircraft has fresh A-D inspections from August, 2017. The next mid-life engine inspection is scheduled at approximately 2,300 flight hours, and the next 12-year inspection is not due until August, 2022.

The jet was repainted in 2008 in overall Jet Glo Matterhorn white with Acry Glo khaki and Black Velvet accent stripes.

Guardian Jet Bombardier Learjet 60 interior


The eight-passenger interior configuration features a two-place divan and a single, forward-­­facing seat at the entry, with a four-place club and a belted lavatory seat.

The cabin seating and lower side walls are in blue leather. The carpet, cabin runner, steps and crew seats were refurbished in 2008 by Duncan Aviation and the high-gloss woodwork was refinished in 2003.

The refreshment center offers, among other features:

  • Warming oven
  • Hot liquid containers
  • Ice drawer
  • Drink storage
  • Waste bin

Guardian Jet Bombardier Learjet 60 engine


The following are among the Learjet 60’s maintenance highlights:

  • Engines Enrolled on ESP Gold
  • Maintenance Tracking by Avtrak/CAMP
  • 3 Rotor Brakes
  • Quiet Technology Carbon Graphite Inlets
  • Safran Starter/Generators

Guardian Jet Bombardier Learjet 60 avionics flight deck


The jet’s avionics highlights include the following, among other features:

  • ProLine 4 Avionics System
  • Dual Collins Air Data Computers
  • Dual Collins Attitude and Heading Reference System
  • Dual Collins Automatic Direction Finder
  • Dual Collins VHF-422A Communications with 8.33 kHz Spacing
  • Dual Collins Distance Measuring Equipment
  • Artex C-406-2 Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Mark V Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System with Windshear Alerts
  • Dual Universal Avionics System (UNS-1C) Flight Management System
  • Bendix/King KTR-953 High-frequency Receiver with Selcal
  • Dual Collins Navigation (VIR-432) computers with FM Immunity
  • Collins Radio Altimeter
  • Rockwell Collins Weather Radar

Guardian Jet Bombardier Learjet 60 communications and entertainment


The aircraft’s array of communications and entertainment features include the following:

  • Airshow 400
  • Forward cabin-mounted 10.4-in. monitor
  • DVD, CD changer and cassette player

 Guardian Jet Bombardier Learjet 60 interior 2


This aircraft’s capabilities are extensive, and include the following highlights:

  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) II change 7
  • Terrain Avoidance and Warning System (TAWS)
  • Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum-capable (RVSM)
  • Required Navigation Performance (RNP)

Available for immediate purchase, the asking price is $1.495 million.


Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to own this beautifully maintained aircraft.

For more information about the Bombardier Learjet 60, please contact us at 1-203-453-0800, email us, and/or download the aircraft specifications brochure.


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For Sale: 2010 Bombardier Challenger 300 (S/N 20252)

Guardian Jet is pleased to represent for sale this impeccably maintained 2010 Bombardier Challenger 300 (Serial Number 20252).

Accommodating up to nine passengers, this remarkable aircraft has had just one owner since it was built.

Challenger 300 serial number 20252 four-place club


With its engines and APU on JSSI®, and outfitted with a ProLine 21™ with Dual File Servers, the Challenger 300 is EASA-certified and is available for immediate sale at an asking price of $9,750,000.

The super-mid-size Bombardier Challenger 300 was a “clean sheet” design, providing a bridge between Bombardier’s Learjet series and its larger Challenger aircraft.

The 3000nm range allows non-stop flights from New York to Seattle or San Diego, or from Geneva to Dubai, for example.

Challenger 300 serial number 20252 floor plan layout

With a cabin cross-section similar to the G550, but with operating costs more akin to mid-size jets, the Challenger 300 is an attractive proposition for both private and commercial operations, and this helped it to become the best-selling business jet platform of the last decade.


With its original interior completed by Bombardier in Montreal, this contemporary nine-passenger executive configuration features eight seats in the cabin (dual 4-place club) and a belted lavatory.

Challenger 300 serial number 20252 interior

Cabinetry is in natural-stain sycamore with a hard-wearing satin finish, and the premium carpet has a soft, high-density loop.  Beige leather reclining seats and a cream ultra-leather headliner complete the theme.

There is a private aft lavatory compartment with in-flight access to the baggage bay, and the forward galley includes a microwave oven, coffee maker, dual hot liquid containers, and various storage drawers for ice, chinaware and flatware.


Challenger 300 serial number 20252 galley and jump seat

This aircraft has the optional jump seat, which can be used either by a third flight crew member or a flight attendant, and a curtain divider between the galley and main cabin ensure privacy for the passengers.

It is also equipped for extended over-water operations.

Challenger 300 serial number 20252 engine


The following are among the Challenger 300’s maintenance highlights:

  • Engines Enrolled in JSSI®
  • APU Enrolled in JSSI®
  • Maintenance Tracking by CAMP Systems

Challenger 300 s:n 20252 flight deck avionics


Its avionics highlights offer the following, among other features:

  • ProLine 21 with Dual IFIS File Servers
  • TCAS II with Change 7.1
  • Dual TDR-94D Mode S Transponders with Enhanced Surveillance

Challenger 300 serial number 20252 entertainment


The aircraft’s array of communications and entertainment features include the following:

  • Lufthansa Technik’s nice HD Cabin Management System
  • Rockwell Collins Airshow 4000
  • Iridium Satellite Phone System with ICS-200 Transceiver
  • Dual 20-inch LCD Bulkhead Monitors
  • iPod Dock

 Challenger 300 serial number 20252 lavatory


The Challenger 300’s capabilities are extensive, and include the following highlights:

  • Basic Area Navigation(B-RNAV)
  • Minimum Navigation Performance Specification (MNPS)
  • Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)
  • 8.33-kHz Radio Channel Spacing
  • Frequency Management (FM) Immunity


Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to own this beautifully maintained aircraft.

For more information about this Bombardier Challenger 300, contact us at 1-203-453-0800, email us or download the aircraft specifications brochure.

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Welcome Kyle Canna, Aircraft Market Researcher

Guardian Jet is pleased to welcome our newest team member, Kyle Canna.

As an Aircraft Market Researcher, Kyle is responsible for ensuring the quality and reliability of the information in Guardian Jet’s proprietary market surveys.

In fact, in his role, Kyle researches more than 125 aircraft markets to determine details about current aircraft for sale and their valuation. He also monitors aircraft sales and helps the company identify new opportunities for aircraft acquisitions.

Kyle earned a BS degree in Aviation Science (with a concentration in Aviation Management) from Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, MA.

A private pilot with his instrument rating, Kyle has accumulated nearly 150 hours.

In keeping with his passion for aviation, Kyle brings to Guardian Jet his desire to one day help buy and sell jets and become a commercial-rated pilot and earn a type rating.

In his spare time, he enjoys a variety of sports, including playing hockey and lacrosse.

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How Will the New U.S. Tax Laws Affect Business Aviation?

In this video blog, Guardian Jet’s VP of Sales Doc Dwyer explains how the new U.S. tax laws will impact business aviation in 2018.

You can watch the 2:46 video or read the transcript below.

Hi, I’m Doc Dwyer.

Today I’m going to talk about the new U.S. tax law, and how it’ll affect business aviation.

Overall, we see a very positive impact on the industry . . . in no small part due to the first major change: 100 percent bonus depreciation.

Bonus depreciation will now be available on both new and used aircraft. This replaces the five-year MACRS depreciation schedule that were used to.

We’ve seen bonus depreciation for new aircraft, but we’ve never seen it for used aircraft. This is a very important distinction because the second major change is the elimination of 1031 like-kind exchanges for aircraft.

We can no longer tie two transactions–a buy and sell–together with a like-kind exchange.

Income tax will now be due on the sale of the difference between the tax basis and the sales price.

This, however, will be mitigated by the bonus depreciation, and the fact you can get a full deduction in year one.

So, in essence, you’ll have the same net effect as a 1031 like-kind exchange as long as both transactions are done in the same year.

You’ll even get the benefit of a 100 percent bonus depreciation.

So, we expect the focus to shift from doing both transactions in a 180-day window to doing both transactions in the same year.

A couple other benefits we see in the tax bill:

  • Most individuals and LLC’s will see a drop in tax rates by approximately 2.5 percent.
  • Tax rates for large corporations will drop to 21 percent, plus the state tax rate.
  • There’s no effect on sales tax trading credits. (Trading credits will still be available in states that allow it.)
  • A couple caveats to the 100 percent bonus depreciation:
    • Part 135 usage – Use the 7-year MACRS for that portion.
    • Part 91 usage – If the business usage is less than 50 percent, it’s not eligible for that bonus depreciation and you’ll use the 7-year MACRS schedule instead.

Overall, like we said, this is very positive news for the aviation industry. If you have any questions or would like to talk about it in more detail, please don’t hesitate to call us at +1-203-453-0800 or email us here. Thank you very much.


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What is Asset Management and Fleet Planning?

Guardian Jet’s Doc Dwyer answers the question, “What is Asset Management and Fleet Planning?”

At Guardian Jet, we think of asset management as ongoing fleet planning.

So, what’s a fleet plan?

A fleet plan can be anything from a high-net-worth individual who’s looking at charter, fractional or maybe a wholly owning aircraft—all the way through a large corporate operator trying to figure out what next iteration of airplane looks like.

Fleet Planning in Three Lenses

Every fleet plan we look at through three lenses: Operational, Financial and Strategic.

  1. Operational lens:
    The first lens looks at your historical travel data — your corporate fleet and how you’ve been using it. We also look at charter, fractional and airline data. We’re going to look at it in some ways that you look at it already, but we’re going to look at it in some of our own ways that we’ve found very helpful over the years. We’re using all of this information to really define the mission and utilization of your fleet.
  2. Financial lens:
    The second lens tries to project the cost of those different fleet options over the next 5 to 10 years. Typically, at Guardian Jet, we use 10-year cash flows. But what we really want to do is use your financial parameters to model the future costs of the aircraft.
  3. Strategic:
    The third lens is typically done through executive interviews. These interviews are future-looking, trying to figure out what this flight department is going to look like 5 to 7 years down the road. The operational and financial piece gives us the historical information to project, but the corporate lens, they really have an idea of what they want the flight department to look like in 5 to 7 years, and we want to be sure we’re accounting for that in our fleet plan.


Fleet Plan Reviews and Renewal

At the top, I told you that asset management is really ongoing fleet management. So, when is it that we renew or review a fleet plan?

There’s two types of review: a calendar or an opportunistic type of review.

The first review, calendar review, is fairly simple. We’re going to want to look every quarter to get an idea of where we’re at, and at least once a year, we’re going to really dig in and review that fleet.

An opportunistic is driven internally—with either a corporate leadership change, a merger—anything that’s really going to change the mission of your fleet.

Or, externally, a demonstrator or a white tail that really becomes available that really can save you significantly save you over the next few years. Or, perhaps a pre-owned trade opportunity in an aircraft we know you’re looking for.

Each of these reviews can result in one of four things.

  1. Completely change the plan. Maybe the merger has changed your mission so we need to change the plan to accommodate that.
  2. Accelerate the plan—to pull the plan forward and act more quickly.
  3. Stay the same—status quo. What we’ve planned for still looks good.
  4. Decelerate the plan—or to slow it down/drag it out because we think that’s the best for your company going forward.

The reason we’re so passionate about asset management is that we’ve proven that it works.

At Guardian Jet, our customers that have used asset management to trade opportunistically have saved millions of dollars over the life of their aircraft.

To learn more about, please feel free to contact us. We love talking about it and we’d love to hear from you.



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Hard-to-Find, US-based Embraer Legacy 600 (S/N 145678)

Guardian Jet LLC is pleased to represent the sale of this hard-to-find, 13-passenger Embraer Legacy 600, one of the very few Legacy 600 aircraft based and registered in the U.S.

Built in 2004, and with a total flight time of 3,942 hours and 2,317 landings, this former Embraer Legacy “demo” is a beautiful, solidly constructed aircraft.

It will be available for tours at the upcoming NBAA Regional event held at Palm Beach International (PBI) airport on January 26th, 2018.

The prices is $5,995,000 million.

Embarer Legacy 600 sn145678 Guardian Jet LLC part 135 aircraft for sale


It is one of, if not the, only Legacy 600 aircraft older than 10 years to remain on the Enhanced EEC Program.

The Enhanced program is very inclusive in that it covers parts and labor for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. This amazing program expires in December 2019, so it will cover the next 96 month inspection items that are due in 2019.

Currently, this Legacy 600 is maintained and operated as a FAR Part 135 chartered aircraft, so it’s completely prepared for charter service.

It is also a terrific airplane for travelers looking to use it part-time, and to lower their operating costs by chartering it.

Some of this aircraft’s other notable features include:

  • Long-range, 3,250 nautical miles, capability
  • GoGo Biz air-to-ground internet and Wi-Fi
  • XM Radio
  • Engines enrolled in Rolls Royce Corporate Care
  • Avionics on Honeywell HAPP


EmbarerLegacy 600 sn145678 Guardian Jet forward facing aft 2


For background, the Legacy 600 was introduced in 2000 to compete as a “Super Midsize” aircraft.

Based on the ERJ 135 model, it accommodates up to 13 passengers in three partitioned sections for 3,050 nautical miles (5,650 km) or up to eight passengers for 3,450 nautical miles (6,390 km).

It features added range owing to extra fuel tanks in the tail behind the baggage compartment and forward of the wing, winglets and an extensive drag reduction program.

 EmbarerLegacy 600 sn145678 Guardian Jet forward facing aft 2INTERIOR HIGHLIGHTS

The beautiful cabin offers some superb features, and is configured as follows:

  • Forward Entry: Left-hand crew closet and right-hand large galley
  • Forward Cabin: Four-place club configuration consisting of two forward and two aft facing single reclining seats with leg rests and lumbar adjustments.
  • Mid Cabin: Right-hand, four-place conference group opposite a large credenza.
  • Aft Cabin: Right-hand, three-place divan opposite a two-place club seat arrangement.
  • Aft Lavatory: Large lavatory with solid-surface countertop and 110VAC GFI outlets.

  EmbarerLegacy 600 sn145678 Guardian Jet galley

The aft gallery features include:

  • Hi-Temp Oven
  • TIA Microwave
  • Coffee Maker
  • Chilled Food Storage
  • Insulated Stainless Steel Ice Drawer
  • Generous Storage Space

 EmbarerLegacy 600 sn145678 Guardian Jet maintenance


Some of the maintenance features of the S/N 145678 include:

  • Engines on Rolls Royce Corporate Care
  • Embraer Executive Care Enhanced Parts Program, which includes labor and APU coverage
  •  Maintenance tracked by FlightDocs

EmbarerLegacy 600 sn145678 Guardian Jet communications


The outstanding communications and entertainment components of this aircraft include:

  • GoGo Biz air-to-ground (ATG) internet access (Wi-Fi)
  • Dual Honeywell DVD players
  • Baker VHS player
  • Bulkhead monitors (forward and aft)
  • Multiple 110 VAC outlets


The flight deck offers the following, among other features:

  • 5-Tube Honeywell EFIs/EICAS 8×7 Color Displays
  • Honeywell Dual ICs/Flight Director/Single Autopilot
  • Dual Honeywell Communications System (8.33 kHz)
  • Dual Honeywell Navigation System (NAV/ADF/DME)
  • Honeywell 2nd Transponder & Airborne Audio System
  • Dual Honeywell FMS/GPS
  • Dual Honeywell IRS
  • Dual Honeywell Radio Management Unit
  • Honeywell Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Collins TCAS 2000
  • Honeywell Single Aural Warning Unit
  • Dual Digital Clocks
  • Dual ADCs (RVSM upgradable)
  • Honeywell CVR/FDR
  • EGPWS/Windshear Detection and Escape Guidance
  • Integrated Standby Instruments
  • Weather Radar with Dual Control Panel & Turbulence Det.
  • Single HF Radio & Single Radio Altimeter
  • Central Maintenance Computer
  • CAT I and II Autopilot/Flight Director
  • AFDAU (Sfim) – Auxiliary Flight Data Acquisition Unit
  • JAA Provisions & Filament Test
  • Dual Stall Protection Systems


The jet’s exterior is painted with an overall white base with emerald green and gold color stripes.



For more details of this remarkable aircraft, please view the Legacy 600 listing. Also, come see this aircraft at PBI in Florida on January 26th.

In the meantime, please call your Guardian Jet representative or our main office at +1-203-453-0800.

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