Press Release: Guardian Jet Unveils New Vault 3.0 at EBACE

Guardian Jet Vault 3.0 logo - press releaseGUILFORD, Conn. – Modeled after the most popular automobile and real estate finder websites, Guardian Jet, the business aviation consulting and brokerage firm, has chosen this year’s European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) to launch “Vault 3.0”—the third iteration of its revolutionary, online, aircraft brokerage and asset management software. The popular cloud-based software tool will be a highlight of Guardian Jet’s stand (T132) at EBACE, which will be held 21-23 May in Geneva, Switzerland.

The redesigned Vault has earned high praise from Guardian Jet clients, many of whom remark on its simplicity and ease of use. In addition to a brand-new user interface and experience, these latest improvements enable clients to:

  • More easily track the value of their aircraft in current market conditions in the module, Value Your Aircraft.
  • Search new aircraft models and compare replacement options using JetFinder™.
  • Understand operational costs for maintenance and engine programs.
  • Use the asset management data to understand your aircraft like any other asset in a portfolio.
  • And much, much more!


Vault 3.0 online asset management home page - Guardian Jet


The Vault’s JetFinder™ search engine functionality allows clients to conduct a focused search for airplanes on the open market, functioning similar to web search tools that aggregate specific categories of timely, up-to-date information. Its advanced search engine enables users to find aircraft for sale by categories including: new or pre-owned, price range, nautical mile range, number of passenger seats, total time and aircraft size. The search criteria are filtered through the roughly 2,500 airplanes for sale across the 120+ aircraft models that Guardian Jet tracks regularly.

Another Vault function that was completely redesigned is the “Value Your Aircraft” module. Now, aircraft owners and operators can more easily assess the value of their aircraft or fleet in a similar manner to that of an online money management or stock brokerage tool. The Vault serves as a single point of access that aligns owners, their financial advisors and their flight departments.

Mike Dwyer, Managing Partner of Guardian Jet, said he is delighted to be releasing this newest iteration of the Vault at the upcoming Geneva EBACE. “The timing of this release couldn’t be more ideal,” he noted. “The beauty of the Vault lies in how comprehensive and up-to-date the information is. The bottom line is that the Vault offers aircraft market data and transparency that our clients crave but cannot find anywhere else.” 

Demonstrations of Vault 3.0 will be featured during EBACE 2019 at Guardian Jet’s stand (T132). Anyone interested in learning more about Vault 3.0 and the wide array of additional Guardian Jet services can do so at


About Guardian Jet
Founded in 2002, Guardian Jet LLC offers business aviation brokerage, consulting and oversight services for thousands of clients worldwide. The company distinguishes itself with its focus on integrity and industry expertise, and by consistently providing business value to clients. Guardian Jet’s core mission has always been to earn the right to buy and sell aircraft on behalf of its clientele by providing great consulting advice, market intelligence and flawless execution. For more information, visit


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Don Dwyer’s Business Aircraft Market Update April 2019

In this video blog, Guardian Jet’s Don Dwyer provides a business aircraft market update following Quarter 1 2019 results.

In it, he highlights the activity level of aircraft transactions; OEM and pre-owned aircraft market insights; the impact of 2020 regulations; and what’s going on at Guardian Jet, including our exhibition at EBACE and a new promotion.

Watch the video or read the edited transcript below.

Hi, I’m Don Dwyer with Guardian Jet.

Welcome to another in our series of videos for our clients and friends, talking about what’s going on in our industry and the marketplace.

Today I want to talk about a few things: the activity level of aircraft transactions; a few insights into some of the markets we track; the impact of 2020 regulations; and some of the things going on here at Guardian Jet.


Aircraft OEM Transactions

I’ll start out with the very interesting times at the OEMs. Our OEM new purchasing business is going well. All the OEMs have interesting things to talk about.

There’s a lot of speculation of what’s coming next at Gulfstream. But the 500 and 600 introduction is going along smoothly. The G650 still continues to be the real “rock” in their lineup.

On the Bombardier side, it’s very exciting to have the 7500 out flying and delivering. We also look at the 6500 and 5500 as game-changing airplanes. They are priced very competitively.

Of course, Dassault with the 6X and the 8X that is not so far out. A lot going on there.

And with our friends at Embraer, with the Praeter series of airplanes, is just absolutely incredible. We’re seeing them engaged more and more into the corporate community and they’ve certainly always done well with the high-net-worth individual.

And Cessna—Textron—has a lot going on. In general, the OEM community feels very healthy right now. A lot of people are talking about new airplanes.

Of course, the stabilization of pricing in the used market helps that. So our new aircraft buying business is going well right now. And it’s really spread across a lot of OEMs—so it’s pretty exciting there.


Pre-owned Aircraft Transactions

I want to talk about the used market and the number of transactions. As you know, 2018 was another great year. In the 125-130 markets that Guardian Jet measures (not everything that Bluebook or GAMA measures, but in the markets we play with everything from single engine turboprops to G650 and Global 7500), 2018 was a great year. There was a little more than 10% percent growth over 2017. But what really grew was the number of ultra-long-range transactions. There was a lot of activity.

So 2019 comes along, and we talked to brokers, bankers and people in our industry, everybody felt it slow down a little bit. And we kind of felt the same thing. Our business is going great, so so waited until the end of the quarter.

And here’s what it looks like:

In the markets we measure, in the first quarter of 2018, there were 458 transactions. And in the first quarter of 2019, there were 397. That’s about a 13 percent drop-off in number of transactions.

I’m not sure that accurately reflects the real picture of those three months. Because a lot of those deals are hangovers from the end of the fourth quarter. This is true in both the first quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019.

I think we might feel it in the first couple of months in the second quarter. I think you’ll see that trend continue a little bit and the number of transactions industry-wide be off a little bit.

Now, I will tell you this, anecdotally, it’s booming right now.

About a month ago, the phones started ringing off the hook.  We normally have about 20-25 airplanes for sale at any given time. And I will tell you that in the last 30 days maybe 75 percent of those are somewhere now between letter of intent (LOI) and closing.

So, there’s been a big push and a lot of activity in the last 30 days.

I don’t know what that means. I still want to wait for second quarter numbers are like before we start talking about what really happened. But we know right now that activity is good.

We also know that as we buy airplanes, there’s less airplanes available in the used markets. I’ll give you an example in the G550 market. Right now, there have been three airplane sales a month for the last six months. Very active market. But what’s different from now vs. this time last year is that there are fewer planes for sale. So the absorption rate—or the months of inventory that are currently on the market—is very, very low. Now when you’re buying airplanes, you might have to go further away than you want to if you have to have the airplane now.

We are practicing patience with all of our customers that we are buying airplanes for. Because we want good pedigree airplanes. We want good value. That’s a little bit harder to find right now. There is a smaller percentage of U.S.-based used planes in the inventory for sale than we’re comfortable with. They get snapped up very quickly.

It’s something to keep our eyes on.


Aircraft Pricing

So what does that all mean toward pricing? Last year, pricing stabilized. What I call a stabilized market is when you’re losing somewhere between 3 and 6 percent in residual value over the course of a year.

Stabilization is way better than the double-digit residual value loss that we saw in most airplane markets.

What we have seen—and continue to see—is the best pedigree and newest vintage airplanes have actually increased in value. We hadn’t see that since 2006 and 2007.

I do think that that is slowing.

There are a couple of trends we’re watching in ancillary markets as they slide a little bit, we think everything else is going to soften. I don’t think that, on the good pedigree airplanes, we’re going back to that real horrific residual value loss every year.

But we probably are going to see it soften a little bit. Certainly not have airplanes get the premium that they’ve been getting.

There’s no evidence of that yet, but it’s just something we’re keeping our eyes on.


2020 Aircraft Regulations

I do think that the regulatory issues coming in 2020 are going to have a dramatic effect on our business. My good friend, Rollie Vincent, and I did a talk together and he said there’s something like 12,000 in the general aviation/private jet fleet that will be obsolete.

What will this do to pricing on the lower end? Could that boost pricing? I don’t know. Certainly, it’s nice when you’re selling an older airplane to have all of the regulatory issues complied with. The real question now is: do you do it? Or do you just live with what you got and move on? Because some of the values in these airplanes are so low.

But if you have any questions, this is stuff we analyze all the time here at Guardian Jet. Please reach out, we can help you with that.


What’s New at Guardian Jet

A couple things going on here at Guardian jet that I want to just touch on. We’re just about ready to head over in May to EBACE.

We’re very excited about EBACE this year because it’s the launch of Vault 3.0.

A lot of you know that we have an online portal for our customers where they can look at values of their airplane. We store their documents where they track their sales going on, and they track the activity levels on the airplanes. The whole myriad of the relationship they have with Guardian Jet can be followed online 24/7.

Vault 3.0 is way more user-friendly. It’s much more intuitive and cleaner looking. It is a big jump for us as we’ve spent a lot of time and energy on it, so we’re very excited to introduce it at EBACE this year.

And then the last thing I want to touch on is a lot of our customers know—and certainly a lot of industry and the brokerage community know—Samantha Langen. Sam has been running our internal sales team for the last couple of years and doing a spectacular job. She’s a really competent professional.

Sam has accepted a position with us as our Midwest sales representative. She’ll still be based here in in Guildford, but she’ll cover Chicago, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and some of the big markets out in the Midwest. We’re really excited to have Sam join the team. We wish her every success and we’re pretty sure she’s going to be spectacular. Congratulations to Sam!

That’s all I’ve got for today. Thanks for taking the time to watch the video. If you’ve got any questions please give me a call, call my brother, Mike, or call any of our people here at Guardian Jet. Thank you so much.



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Jet for Sale: Exceptional 2010 Gulfstream G550 (SN 5286)

In an exclusive offering, Guardian Jet is pleased to represent the sale of what can only be described as one of the finest Gulfstream G550 jets on the market today.

forward aft - Gulfstream G550 for sale by Guardian Jet

Offered at $22,295,000, this Fortune 100-owner aircraft has had only one owner and been impeccably maintained to the highest standards of safety and luxury.

With no history of damage whatsoever, the beautifully appointed, Gulfstream G550 (Serial Number 5286) was entered into service in late 2010 and, since then, has had an outstanding history of care and ownership.

The jet offers a flight experience filled with superlatives, including:

  • Latest avionics: FANS 1/A, ADS-B Out, TCAS 7.1
  • Synthetic vision
  • Heads-up display (HUD)
Engines on Rolls-Royce Corporate Care
  • APU on Honeywell Maintenance Service Plan (MSP)
  • High-speed data and WIFI


Aft - Gulfstream G550 for sale by Guardian Jet

G550 Interior Highlights

The elegantly appointed 16-passenger floor plan features three distinct passenger cabin areas and individual berthing for up to seven passengers. It also has a forward crew rest, forward crew lavatory, a cockpit jump seat and electric window shades.

In addition:

  • Forward Vestibule: Forward crew closet / storage area, plus a forward crew lavatory and forward crew rest area with 7” HD swivel monitor and work station.
  • Forward Cabin: Forward area features 4-place club seats.
  • Mid Cabin: 4-place berthable divan on the right and 2-place club seats on the left.
  • Aft Cabin: 4-place berthable conference table on the left and 2-place club seat on the right.
  • Aft Galley and Aft Lavatory: Aft galley, forward & aft vacuum toilets with outside servicing capability. (The aft galley includes a microwave oven, high-temperature oven, coffer maker and a food chiller.)


Avionics - - Gulfstream G550 for sale by Guardian Jet


This jet’s avionics include Honeywell Primus Epic Planeview-ASC Foxtrot Enhanced Navigation + Gulf (ASC 084A), as well as the following:

AIR DATA COMPUTER: Triple Honeywell AZ-200 Air Data Modules


AUTO THROTTLES: Honeywell Auto Throttle System

AUTOPILOT / FLIGHT DIRECTOR: Honeywell Planeview System

COCKPIT VOICE RECORDER: Honeywell AR SSCVR (120 minutes)

COMMUNICATIONS: Dual Honeywell TR-865A Radio Modules with 8.33 kHz spacing






FLIGHT DATA RECORDER: Universal FDR-25 (88 Parameters / ASC 2C) and Micro QAR (ASC 71)

FLIGHT GUIDANCE COMPUTER: Honeywell Planeview System

FLIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Honeywell Planeview System


HIGH FREQUENCY RADIO: Dual Collins HF-9034A HF Com Radios with SELCAL

HEADS UP DISPLAY: Rockwell Collins VGS System with EVS

INERTIAL REFERENCE SYSTEM: Triple Honeywell Laseref V Micro IRUs

NAVIGATION: Dual Honeywell NV-875A Nav Radios with ILS and Marker Beacons

RADIO ALTIMETER: Dual Honeywell KRA-405B Radio Altimeters


TRANSPONDER: Dual Honeywell XS-858A Mode S Transponders with Enhanced Surveillance and Flight ID

WEATHER RADAR: Honeywell Primus WU-880 Color Weather Radar


Additionally, the G550 includes:

  • Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS)
  • XM Weather (ASC 85A)
  • Electric Window Shades
  • External Camera System
  • Securaplane 500 Security System
  • Stage 4 Noise Certificate


forward aft - Gulfstream G550 for sale by Guardian Jet

Global Communications

Its numerous communications systems and features include:

  • Broad Band Multi-Link (BBML)
  • SATCOM Direct High Speed Data System with CNX200 Wi-Fi Router
  • True North Simphone Airborne Telecommunication System
  • Four wireless handsets and two wired handsets
  • 115V/60Hz universal outlets in cabin



Exterior - Gulfstream G550 for sale by Guardian Jet

Maintenance & Inspections

  • Chapter 5 maintenance program
  • CMP maintenance tracking
  • Engines enrolled on Rolls-Royce Corporate Care program
  • APU on Honeywell Maintenance Service Plan
  • Avionics on Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan
  • Airframe structural warranty until 9/2030


mid aft - Gulfstream G550 for sale by Guardian Jet

The Gulfstream G550’s exterior is painted Matterhorn White with gold and blue accent stripes. It will be available in early 2Q 2019. To schedule a private showing, please call Guardian Jet at +1-203-453-0800 or email us.

You may also view a complete list of specifications for the Gulfstream G550.


forward crew rest - - Gulfstream G550 for sale by Guardian Jetaft lavatory - Gulfstream G550 for sale by Guardian Jet

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Aircraft Sales Update: Don Dwyer’s 2018 Reflections & 2018 Look Forward

In this video, Don Dwyer of Guardian Jet, LLC, the aircraft brokerage and consulting company, shares his 2018 reflections and what we can look forward to in 2019.



Here are some key learnings:

  • Aircraft activity has been high all year and is still up, despite stock market volatility
  • We’re seeing some bifurcation of the market where some newer aircraft models are increasing in value as much as 15%
  • First-time buyers are entering the market (from the fractional market) at unprecedented levels
  • Corporations are exercising their aircraft fleet planes, which have been on hold
  • Pre-owned sales activity is higher than OEM sales, but still a good time to buy new aircraft

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Don Dwyer from Guardian Jet. I want to talk today about 2018 and what we’ve seen in the marketplace. And then I’ll look toward the future a little bit into 2019.


2018 Reflections

So, 2018 — banner year for aviation sales. The resale transaction numbers were way up. It really started at the end of 2017, and rolled right through the beginning of the year with absolutely no slowdown in the first quarter. Actually, the markets picked up steam and continued all year.

We are, right now, experiencing some stock market volatility. And I will say that it’s slowed some decision making, but it hasn’t slowed the level of activity down. We’re still getting a lot of calls for airplanes. We still have a lot of activity across all the markets.


Aircraft Valuations

A couple of things we’ve noticed. On the valuation side of the business…there’s been a split in these markets, or a bifurcation in these markets, where the best airplanes are actually increasing in value. So, lowest time, newest vintage, great pedigree airplanes have actually increased in value–some as much as 15% this year. So that’s something we haven’t seen in some time. But it hasn’t been across the board.

I will say that almost every model has slowed in its residual value degradation—back to more historical levels (or what we’re used to in the past, that I can remember). But, the haven’t seen them all increasing. So older, the third or fourth iteration of an air frame, of a model, hasn’t been performing as well as what’s been built in the last 10 years. So we saw that happening on the valuation side.


First-Time Buyers

Another trend we saw this year was first-time buyers. A lot of first-time buyers. What I’m calling the first real wave—and a wave that I’ve been waiting for—the first real wave coming out of the fractional business, buying their own airplanes (buying whole airplanes).

The fractional business is over 40 years old now. And we’ve just never seen the kind of numbers of first-time buyers. And where they’re buying in the marketplace

You know, a fractional owner was introduced to aviation a lot different than what used to happen in the past. Better airplanes, better service.

So when they’re coming out and buying whole airplanes it’s not the smallest, cheapest thing they can buy. We’ve bought many, or at least a few, three-cabin zone airplanes for first-time buyers this year. So that’s something that we haven’t seen in the past. A real trend of first time buyers and buying good equipment.


Corporate Fleet Planning

Another thing we saw, and this happened later in the year, was that corporations are really thinking hard about replenishing the fleet. Multiple aircraft fleet owners are now exercising fleet plans that have been sort of on the shelf. This is a very positive change.


OEM Aircraft Sales

I will say that the activity in the used marketplace hasn’t completely translated over to the OEMs, to the new aircraft sales.

Aircraft pricing, I think, on new aircraft sales is still pretty good. It’s still a good time. Great value in the new marketplace. We’re feeling very good about our new purchases.


2019 Predictions

Let’s talk about 2019. I mentioned the volatility in the stock market, and what’s that mean. I’ve been asked a little bit about “should I wait until January or March to buy an airplane as the markets reprice?”

My feeling is that, historically, markets don’t reprice in the beginning of the year. Some airplanes in those markets do—probably the ones that were holding on for a high price that didn’t sell in the real strong activity of the fourth quarter. Now some of those owners might get a little more religion and reprice. But we don’t see market pricing dip down in January, February and March. We sometimes see less purchases because the fourth quarter is very strong. But, I’m not predicting that the markets are going to fall apart come January.

So we’re still very bullish. We’re still very active in both the sales side and acquisition side of the business.  And we think there’s more good to come. We’re watching it very closely. Of course, this is so driven by the economy. That’s a bigger question for somebody that lives in that world. On the airplane side, we’re still busy and we’re still going.


A Final Note: Thank You

One final thing. It was just a great year here at Guardian Jet. We added quite a bit to our business. We added researchers. We added another maintenance person—a Director of Maintenance. We added sales people in the field. Our internal sales team grew. So, we’re up to about 30 people now. We’re really excited. It’s been a great year.

Thank you to all of our customers (and anybody thinking about working with us). We’re looking forward to a great 2019, and have a great holiday!



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Jet For Sale: 2000 Cessna Citation Excel, Serial No. 5101

Cessna Citation Excel for sale by Guardian Jet - serial no 5101 - interior

Guardian Jet is pleased to represent for sale a 2000 Citation Excel (Serial Number 5101).

Accommodating up to eight passengers, this midsize business jet is a great, reliable aircraft that will get you from Los Angeles to New Orleans, or from Chicago to San Diego.

Other notable features of the aircraft:

  • Airframe enrolled on Cessna ProParts
  • Engines enrolled on ESP Silver Lite
  • Gogo Biz Avance L3 Broadband Internet
  • Recent engine overhaul
  • Recently refurbished interior
  • Recent Doc 15 (144-Month) inspection
  • Previously operated FAR Part 135
  • No known damage history
  • Painted Matterhorn White with gold and green stripes

This well-maintained aircraft is available for immediate purchase, and priced at $3,100,000.

 Cessna Citation Excel for sale by Guardian Jet - serial no 5101 - interior


This executive configuration features a two-place side-facing couch, a four-person club seating arrangement with two side ledge tables, and two aft club seats with individual slimline stowable tables.

A lavatory in the aft cabin features an externally serviced toilet. A forward refreshment center provides a heated liquid container, wine bottle storage, divided ice drawer, trash container, pull-out work surface and space for miscellaneous storage.


Cessna Citation Excel for sale by Guardian Jet - serial no 5101 - flight deck avionics


The jet’s avionics feature the following, among other highlights:

AVIONICS: Honeywell Primus II 3-Tube EFIS


COMMUNICATIONS: Dual Honeywell TR-833 Comm Transceiver with 8.33 kHz Spacing

COCKPIT VOICE RECORDER: Fairchild A200S Cockpit Voice Recorder





NAVIGATION RADIO: Dual Honeywell NV-850 Nav Receivers

RADIO ALTIMETER: Honeywell ALT-55 Radio Altimeter


STAND-BY FLIGHT DISPLAY: Meggitt Standby HSI Flight Display

TERRAIN AWARENESS WARNING SYSTEM: Universal TAWS A with Bank Limits and Minimums


TRANSPONDER: Dual XS-852 Transponders with Mode S

WEATHER RADAR: Honeywell WU-880 Weather Radar Transceiver



  • Cockpit speaker mute switch
  • Dual 110VAC electrical outlets in the cockpit
  • 76 cu-ft. oxygen bottle
  • Universal UNS-1 UniLink with Uplink
  • 43 amp/hr. SAFT Nicad battery
  • Single point refueling
  • Pilot and co-pilot oxygen mask
  • Externally serviced lavatory





  • Aircraft maintained per Chapter 5
  • Aircraft enrolled on CESCOM
  • Recent Doc 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 15 inspections


Cessna Citation Excel for sale by Guardian Jet - serial no 5101



Powered by two Pratt & Whitney engines, the Citation Excel was built by the Cessna Aircraft Company, based in Wichita, Kansas. It has a published range of 2,138 nautical miles (3,441 km).

With the success of Cessna’s high-end Citation VII, the manufacturer saw a market for an aircraft with the Citation X’s features, but aimed at a more traditional market, where it would chiefly compete with twin-turboprop aircraft.

To produce the Excel, Cessna took the Citation X’s wide, stand-up cabin fuselage, shortened it to about 21 feet (6.4 m) and mated it with an upswept wing that makes use of a supercritical airfoil (based on the Citation V Ultra’s wing), and the tail from the Citation V.

To power the aircraft, Cessna chose the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW500 turbofan. The Excel has the roomiest cabin in its class of light corporate jets, and typically seats six to eight in a corporate configuration, while being flown by a crew of two.



Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity to own this 2000 Cessna Citation Excel aircraft.

For more information about serial number 5101, please contact Guardian Jet at 1-203-453-0800, email us, and/or download the aircraft specifications brochure.



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Aircraft for Sale: Dassault Falcon 2000, Serial No. 161

Dassault Falcon 2000, serial no 161 N411YF

This beautiful, 2001 Falcon 2000 represents a terrific opportunity for a buyer seeking a top-quality aircraft.

A 10-passenger business jet, the Falcon 2000’s interior features a forward, four-place club with folding tables and an aft four-place conference table across from two club seats.

Dassault Falcon 2000 N411YF s/n 161, photographed on March 28, 2018 at KSJC for Guardian jet.

Offered at $5,995,000, a few highlights of S/N 161 include:

  • 2C and Gear Overhaul in 2014
  • Engines on Honeywell MSP Gold
  • APU on Honeywell MSP
  • LED Nav and Taxi Lights
  • HUD
  • ADS-B Out Version 2
  • Transitioned to new Falcon Inspection Program

Additionally, the aircraft:

  • Is equipped with a forward galley, an aft lavatory and a crew seat in the cockpit.
  • Was repainted In Matterhorn White with blue and red stripes in 2012, by Dassault Falcon Jet
  • Had its cockpit seats refurbished, and its galley and cabin carpet replaced by DFJ in March 2014

Dassault Falcon 2000 N411YF s/n 161, photographed on March 28, 2018 at KSJC for Guardian jet.


Features and highlights of the avionics suite include:

AIR DATA COMPUTER: Dual Collins ADC-850 Air Data Computer


COCKPIT VOICE RECORDER: Honeywell CVR (120 minutes)

COMMUNICATIONS: Dual Collins VHF-422C VHF Transceivers




FLIGHT DATA RECORDER: Honeywell Digital Flight Data Recorder (32 Parameters)


HEADS UP DISPLAY: Rockwell Collins Head-Up Guidance System

HIGH FREQUENCY: Dual Collins HF-9034A HF Transceiver

INERTIAL REFERENCE SYSTEM: Triple Honeywell HG2001GD03 Inertial Reference Units

NAVIGATION: Dual Collins VIR-432 Navigation Modules

RADIO ALTIMETER: Dual Collins ALT-55B Radio Altimeter


TRANSPONDER: Dual Collins TDR-94D Transponders with ADS-B Out

WEATHER RADAR: Collins RTA-858 Weather Radar

Dassault Falcon 2000 N411YF s/n 161, photographed on March 28, 2018 at KSJC for Guardian jet.

Maintenance Programs & Inspections

Regarding this Falcon 2000’s maintenance status, following are a few of the highlights:

  • Engines enrolled on MSP Gold
  • APU enrolled on Honeywell MSP
  • CAMP Maintenance Tracking Program
  • Dry Bay Mod completed 08/2012 (Ref. SB F2000-358)
  • 2C Inspection Completed at DAS Reno, NV
  • Gear Overhaul Completed in March 2014
  • Transitioned to 12 Month/800 Hour, 24 Month/1600 Hour Inspection Interval

Dassault Falcon 2000 N411YF s/n 161, photographed on March 28, 2018 at KSJC for Guardian jet.

Communications & Entertainment Highlights

The aircraft features a full complement of communications and entertainment, including:

  • Satcom Aero I
  • Aircell ATG 5000 with WiFi access
  • Three handsets – One in cockpit and two in cabin
  • Baker Cabin Management System
  • Airshow 500
  • 13-inch LCD Bulkhead Monitor
  • Three Plug-in Monitors

Dassault Falcon 2000 N411YF s/n 161, photographed on March 28, 2018 at KSJC for Guardian jet.

Dassault Falcon 2000 N411YF s/n 161, photographed on March 28, 2018 at KSJC for Guardian jet.

Capabilities of this Falcon 2000

The capabilities of serial no. 161 feature:

  • RNP-10
  • VNAV
  • MNPS
  • 8.33 Spacing
  • RVSM
  • TCAS 7.1
  • ADS-B


Dassault Falcon 2000 N411YF s/n 161, photographed on March 28, 2018 at KSJC for Guardian jet.

For more information

To schedule a private showing of this Dassault Falcon 2000 aircraft, please email us or call Guardian Jet at +1-203-453-0800. You may view more images and specification details on our website.


Dassault Falcon 2000 N411YF s/n 161, photographed on March 28, 2018 at KSJC for Guardian jet.


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Bench Strength: Why Experience Matters

At Guardian Jet, one of our key differentiators is what we like to think of as our bench strength. We have 26 employees and only six of those are out in the field, getting new business.

The other 20 are helping those six really make sure their customers have a flawless transaction and experience with Guardian Jet.

In those 26 employees, we have:

  • 15 aircraft type ratings
  • 9 graduate business degrees
  • 3 Certified Public Accountants
  • Research staff
  • Director of technical services
  • Director of maintenance


So when we go do your aircraft transaction, that whole team is working with you. So you’re not just hiring one broker, you’re hiring a team of 26 people who will really help you have the best experience possible.

We think it’s critical to have a team of players — from operations and technical support to marketing and sales — who can take the reins in any situation, in order to ensure continuity and effectiveness.

Thanks to our experienced, cross-functional team, we can adapt quickly to changing customer and/or market needs.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” ~ Charles Darwin


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For Sale: Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy, Serial No. 125



Are you in the market for an outstanding Falcon 900EX EASy? If so, you’ll be impressed with serial number 125. Offered at $13,250,000, this jet will be available for pre-buy in early December 2018.


Highlights of the Falcon 900EX EASy

With just one Fortune 100 owner since delivery in 2004, this 900EX EASy is immaculate.

The executive interior features a forward-cabin, four-club-chair arrangement, with two foldout executive tables. In the mid cabin is a four-person conference area with adjustable-height, folding conference table opposite a cabin credenza. The aft cabin has a single forward-facing club chair adjacent to a three-place divan.


aft divan


Other amenities include a forward galley, storage, closet and entertainment areas, aft closet, aft passenger lavatory with electric flushing toilet and a jump seat in the cockpit (certified for takeoff and landing).

This aircraft’s current interior was refurbished at West Star Aviation in Grand Junction, Colorado, in August of 2016.

 Falcon 900EX EASy interior


Features include:

  • FANS 1/A & ADS-B Out Version 2
  • Engines and APU enrolled on Honeywell MSP Gold
  • Avionics enrolled on HAPP
  • Ovation Select Media Interface Unit (Video On-Demand)
  • Swift Broadband
  • Auto throttles
  • HUD
  • Total time: 7199.3 hours (as of May 9, 2018)
  • Total landings: 2796
  • Honeywell TFE731-60 engines

avionics - Falcon 900EX EASy



Features and highlights of the Falcon 900EX’s avionics suite include:

  • AIR DATA COMPUTER: Honeywell AZ-200 Air Data Modules
  • AUTOTHROTTLES: Honeywell EASy System
  • COCKPIT PRINTER: Miltope TP-4840
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Triple Honeywell TR-866B
  • DIGITAL CLOCK: Dual Davtron Digital Clocks
  • GLOBAL POSITIONING: Dual Honeywell GPS-90X
  • HEADS UP DISPLAY: Flight Dynamics HGS-4860
  • HIGH FREQUENCY RADIO: Dual Collins HF-9000
  • NAVIGATION: Dual Honeywell NV-875A
  • RADIO ALTIMETER: Dual Honeywell AA-300 Radio Altimeters
  • TRANSPONDER: Dual Honeywell XS-857A Transponders with ADS-B(Out)
  • WEATHER RADAR: Honeywell Primus 880 Weather Radar



Maintenance & Inspections

As to the 900EX EASy’s maintenance status, following are a few of the highlights:

  • In Service Date: December 31, 2005
  • Airframe maintained per Chapter 5
  • Engines maintained per Time & Calendar Inspection Program
  • Engines and APU on Honeywell MSP Gold
  • Avionics enrolled on HAPP

A C-Check inspection was last completed in August, 2016, and a gear overhaul in June, 2016.

Entertainment System

The aircraft’s entertainment system is top-rated, and includes the following highlights:

  • Ovation Select System (video on-demand) with touchscreen control in the auxiliary galley
  • Dual CD/DVD players
  • Six plug-in monitor receptacles and four 7-inch Rosen plug-in monitors
  • 20-inch LCD forward L/H and R/H bulkhead monitors

communications Falcon 900EX EASy


The aircraft’s many communication/information system features include:

  • Honeywell MCS 7147 Swift Broadband
  • Satcom AeroH+ Aviator 700D satellite phone system
  • Four wired handsets

lavatorygalley kitchen Falcon 900EX EASy


For more information

To schedule a private showing of this Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy aircraft, please email us or call Guardian Jet at +1-203-453-0800. You may view more images and details on our website, or download a PDF of the aircraft specifications sheet.

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Three Things You Need When Choosing an Aircraft Broker

In this short video, Guardian Jet’s Mike Dwyer explains the three things you need to pick the right broker.

Watch the video above or read the transcript:

Following are the three reasons to hire or to pick your broker:

One is trust. This is an aircraft; it is a very specialized, technical, expensive product that probably the buyer and seller don’t have a lot of expertise in (like their core business). So you just have to trust the person… he has to be trustworthy him and his firm.

Second is competence. Of course, you want to make sure that the person trading for you has a lot of experience in the category and class of asset. (It never hurts to have a little gray hair in your temples).

So if you take as a given that you trust a competent broker, the next thing you want to look at very closely is their resources.  This is very much a dynamic market business and information business so you want to make sure that you have that information in it very distilled into a very understandable format. It’s no mystery that we work for the smartest people on the planet, giving them the right information to make a great confident decision. The asset management goes a little deeper. Now that’s the life-cycle of the airplane. Buying it, operating it, disposing of it and also looking at the next replacement. In fact, that’s where we call it an ongoing asset management process. It’s kind of the key to what we do at Guardian jet.



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PRESS RELEASE: Robert Garrymore Joins Guardian Jet Executive Team

Robert Garrymore - Bobby GGUILFORD, Conn. – September 26, 2018 –Guardian Jet (, the Guilford, Connecticut-based business aviation consulting and brokerage firm, is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Garrymore to Vice President-South Central. A highly regarded business and general aviation veteran, Garrymore, in his new position, is leading Guardian Jet aircraft sales in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico.

In his role, Garrymore is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with Guardian Jet’s brokerage and consulting clients at the senior-most levels of corporate flight departments and family offices. He also manages vendor relationships and alliances to expand the company’s client base.

Mike Dwyer, Managing Partner of Guardian Jet, is delighted that Garrymore has joined the company. “Bobby G. is a great boost for Guardian Jet!” he said. “He brings us industry leadership at the highest level, and his experience with both corporate flight departments and high-net-worth customers is second to none. The other reason we’re so fortunate to have Bobby is his talent as a builder of great cultures. He certainly shares our DNA of putting the client first.”

Previously, Garrymore served as President of the Corporate Sales division for Wheels Up. Prior to that, he was President of Executive Jet Management (EJM), a subsidiary of NetJets (a Berkshire Hathaway Company). In addition to his executive role at EJM, Garrymore served in a variety of positions during 15 years at NetJets, including roles in management, sales and operations.

Speaking about his new job, Garrymore said, “I feel privileged and honored to be among such smart, dynamic, dedicated and caring people as I am here at Guardian Jet. It says a lot that in spite of the incredible pressure that comes with the growth and success Guardian Jet has achieved, the company and its employees remain committed to a ‘client-centric’ mission that sets them apart from other companies. I’m eager and excited to help in any way I can to continue this company’s leadership and momentum in the industry.”

In addition to his extensive aviation industry background, Garrymore holds a BA degree from Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania. He is a commercially rated pilot and former certified flight instructor.


About Guardian Jet

Founded in 2002, Guardian Jet, LLC, offers business aviation brokerage, consulting and oversight services for thousands of clients worldwide. The company distinguishes itself with its focus on integrity and industry expertise, and by consistently providing business value to clients. Guardian Jet’s core mission has always been to earn the right to buy and sell aircraft on behalf of its clientele by providing great consulting advice, market intelligence and flawless execution. For more information, visit


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